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Kenneth Cole Talks New Fragrance Masterbrand

This marks the brand's most sizable pillar launch in 15 years.


That is the word Kenneth Cole, chairman and chief creative officer at Kenneth Cole Productions Inc., used to describe the new fragrance concept Kenneth Cole Fragrances just released, which also happens to be the first time the brand has introduced a masterbrand in 15 years.

Making sure that two new eau de parfums — Kenneth Cole for Her and Kenneth Cole for Him — had customizable elements was a priority when developing the pillar, designed to be sold in tandem with a trio of smaller-sized eau de toilettes intended for layering or mixing and matching with the core fragrances. In April, The Personalization Fragrances — “Serenity” “Energy” and “Intensity” — will be sold via four-piece, $100 fragrance sets including a bottle of either Kenneth Cole for Him, a woody marine, or Kenneth Cole for Her, a floral musk. This month, the base scents will go on sale individually at counters nationwide, retailing from $65 to $85 for 1.7-oz. to 3.4-oz sizes.

“People can make the fragrance work for them, for their mood, for their circumstance. Everything today is custom — people want to have a voice and make something theirs. Everybody today is their own brand,” said Cole, who called this the “most creative statement the brand has ever made” with respect to fragrance. “Not that many years ago I knew my job was to sell people my brand; now my job is to recognize that everyone is their own brand.”

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Catherine Russell, global vice president of marketing and brand development for the Kenneth Cole Fragrances at Parlux, said the range took a cue from what’s going on in the marketplace with niche fragrances — from the minimalist packaging — including a sleek matte black cap — to the concept of layering.

“It marries the way that we live our lives. People have become very comfortable with the notion of layering from the wardrobe and there’s no reason why it can’t carry over to fragrance,” Cole said.