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Lalique to Launch L’Insoumis Fragrance

The new men’s fragrance pays homage to René Lalique’s unconventional spirit.

Lalique’s newest men’s fragrance, L’Insoumis, gives a fresh, earthy take on the brand’s historic legacy.

“[René Lalique] was very revolutionary and pushed boundaries in so many things that he designed,” said Maz Zouhairi, president and chief executive officer of Lalique North America. “[The fragrance] is really René Lalique himself and the heritage of the brand.”

Like the brand’s iconic Tourbillons collection, a fern was the inspiration for the fragrance, both in smell and design. Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin carefully selected ingredients to emulate the green freshness of a fern, utilizing notes like basil, rum, bergamot, lavender and black pepper to create the aromatic, earthy scent.

L’Insoumis, which translates to “maverick” in English, is the first fougère fragrance at Lalique, opening the brand to an olfactive family that complements its other offerings, like Encre Noire and Encre Noire à l’Extrême.

“This is an unconventional fragrance for an unconventional man,” Zouhairi continued. “I think it will target more of a pioneering, self-confident man.”

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To continue the inspiration, the fragrance bottle turtures a fern unwinding along its sides, referencing the fougère motif that René Lalique used himself since the Twenties. The motif is meant to represent the eternal rebirth of nature.

“The design of the bottle is just as important as the scent,” he said. “One of the most important things about Lalique is that when you look at our fragrances, it touches all the senses.”

L’Insoumis will be sold for $95 for a 50-ml. bottle and $125 for a 100-ml. bottle at Lalique boutiques and 10 Neiman Marcus doors nationwide starting in October.