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Lalique to Launch Mon Premier Cristal Collection

The three-fragrance collection combines the art of perfumery with the art of crystal making.

Fusing the art of perfumery and crystal making, Lalique’s latest perfume collection, Mon Premier Cristal, pays homage to one of René Lalique’s original designs: the hirondelles.

“[The collection] takes us back to the DNA of the brand,” said Maz Zouhairi, president and chief executive officer of Lalique North America. “René Lalique collaborated with François Coty to create a perfume bottle where the packaging and the scent were just as luxurious as each other.”

Inspired by the hirondelles vase made in 1919, the fragrance bottles include the classic bird motif paired with sleek vertical stripes for a modern touch. For the fragrance itself, Lalique tapped three female perfumers to use the crystal bottle as their source of inspiration.

Sensuel, the hot pink fragrance, was blended by Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, an independent perfumer. She used woody, oriental notes to emulate melted wax during the crystal making process. Lumiere, the yellow fragrance, was created by Drom perfumer Alexandra Monet, who used chypre notes to express the beauty of a finished piece of crystal. Sidonie Lancesseur, a perfumer at Robertet, created Tendre, the light pink fragrance. Lancesseur used the initial crystal design process as her inspiration to create the floral scent.

“Each woman designed the scent based on their personality,” Zouhairi continued. “There’s certainly a distinct scent to each one of them and it has a wide appeal.”

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The fragrance bottles are each priced at $730 with fragrance refills retailing for $170. The price point fills a gap in the brand’s product lineup in order to offer a collector’s item at a more affordable cost than its other crystals.

“The trick about brands with a heritage and history is it’s all about the story and how it’s presented,” he said. “We’ve been entrusted with this brand and we have to protect its history, but it’s also our responsibility to present it in an exciting way that is more contemporary and relevant to today’s time.”

According to the brand, the three-fragrance collection is estimated to bring in $100,000 for the fall season. The fragrances will be available starting in September at Neiman Marcus and Lalique boutiques.