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Luxury Subscriptions Offers New Approach to Fragrance Marketing

The magazine subscription service gives readers the chance to physically experience new fragrances.

Luxury Subscriptions, a magazine subscription service, was established to give luxury fragrances a more experiential approach to fragrance marketing. The subscription service pairs issues of Harper’s Bazaar with two to three sample bottles of different fragrances for readers to spray on and test out. It will launch in October with the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

“We wanted to give consumers the true experience of what the [fragrance] brand presents,” said Mark Husmann, cofounder of Luxury Subscriptions. “They smell [the fragrance], they see it, and now they know exactly how to purchase it.”

For six issues a year, Luxury Subscriptions adds an onsert to an issue of Harper’s Bazaar from a designer brand with small fragrance bottles, which each contain up to fifty sprays. The magazine will also be wrapped in special packaging that is reflective of the brand’s packaging, This approach was created for luxury fragrances to get their product directly to the consumer instead of marketing their products through scented strips or print advertisements traditionally seen in magazines.

“There’s no way to measure [the effectiveness] of an ad or a scent strip,” said Jean Zimmerman, cofounder of the service. “[Fragrance brands] just spend the money, put [the ad] out there and hope someone likes it.”

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In addition to giving fashion brands a different approach to fragrance marketing, the service hopes to add more value to print publications by attracting new subscribers. Consumers will be offered a subscription to six onsert issues a year for $50.

Luxury Subscriptions will start its service with fragrance samples from Tory Burch, and later partner with other luxury and designer brands. The company estimates that the service will generate $4 million to $5 million in retail sales for its first year.