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Marketing Truck Promotes Mugler Fragrances in NYC

A Sephora Source Truck has visited and parked outside of select Manhattan-area Sephora stores distributing samples and generating brand awareness.

For its latest marketing initiative, the Clarins Fragrance Group hit the streets of New York. Over the past week, a Sephora Source Truck, designed to reflect the world of Thierry Mugler fragrance, has visited and parked outside of select Manhattan-area Sephora stores distributing samples and generating brand awareness. The promotion, according to Anna Fursoff, education coordinator for the Clarins Fragrance Group, celebrated Mugler’s soda fountain-esque scent refiller, called The Source, which entered Sephora doors a few months ago.

“Getting that Sephora customer really changed the game for us,” said Fursoff, adding that The Source began in department store distribution. “Thierry’s idea always was why would you want to throw away a beautiful perfume bottle. He’s always had the vision of refillables, mixing luxury with [eco-friendliness].”

Fursoff explained that when consumers refill a scent at any Source location, their bottle is polished and handed over in a velvet pouch while they are given a brief history of the brand. “Women love to be romanced,” said Fursoff. “The Source is about making that connection.”

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Since Wednesday, Fursoff said thousands of consumers were invited onto the truck to choose a free sample of either Alien or Angel, which were filled in vials via The Source, located on the truck’s main counter. Vouchers for free empty fragrance bottles were also distributed, offering passersby the chance to fill them at their nearest Sephora store at the refill price. “It’s about discovery,” said Fursoff, who also sprayed the scents in the street to gain attention from the public. “There are a lot of people who don’t know about Angel and Alien and we are definitely trying to appeal to reach new people.”

The “3-D mobile showroom,” created by Jeffrey Scheck, president of Scheck Outdoor Advertising, is one of a small fleet that he customizes and drives around the Tristate area to generate brand awareness and distribute samples. To date Scheck has created spaces for a number of companies, including beauty brands like Fresh, Hair Room Service and the New York Yankees, whose fragrance he continues to promote. “I’d really like to get more into the world of beauty,” said Scheck, adding that even the roofs of his vehicles are wrapped in branded marketing material, so that those in high-rise buildings can see. “It’s a great way to market a brand. People leave with a product and a smile.”