NEW YORK — With personalization currently a hot button with consumers, a new fragrance collection offers an avenue to create a bespoke scent at home. Called Mix-o-logie, the perfume collection includes eight scents, which can be blended for a customized perfume.

Mix-o-logie launches online at on Nov. 17 with plans for eventual retail distribution to boutiques and department stores. The multinote scents are named after emotions including: Tender (fruity), Assured (natural), Sultry (Wild Musk), Serene (light floral), Free (ocean mist), Tenacious (crisp vanilla), Inspired (Rose Floral) and Electric (Citrus Twist). Each kit includes eight 5-ml. rollerball fragrances retailing for $85, but available online for $69 during the launch. Seven recipe cards are included for those who want a blueprint to produce their own scent.

Founders and creators Sammi Hill and Jeff Wise didn’t start out as perfumers. While Wise is an attorney and scientist, Hill is known for her marketing and sales acumen. The serial entrepreneurs started companies in other industries such as a clinical laboratory over the past 15 years. In 2011, they invested in a fragrance house, and discovered a fondness for the business that drove them to become their own client.

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“Why are women buying perfume with someone else’s name on it?” questioned Hill. They decided to produce something other than “another celebrity endorsed fragrance in a fancy bottle.” Noting mounting demand for personalization, the duo decided to create fragrances that could be changed daily to match moods, occasions and even outfits.

Selling fragrance online where shoppers can’t sniff the scents can be challenging, but Hill thinks the blending concept removes some concerns. “We’re definitely shaking up the way people think about and buy fragrances in more ways than one,” said Hill.  “But once people realize they aren’t committing to a single fragrance, they jump on board.  Knowing that with this collection, they can layer and blend the different scents to create an infinite number of fragrances, they get really excited about the idea of being their own perfume designer.”

Mix-o-logie is building a following through social media such as Facebook. Twitter and Instagram. Hill said follow-up fragrances are already in the plans for 2016.

Niche fragrances are credited with bringing new life to premium fragrances, a category that expanded 5 percent for the third quarter of 2015, according to NPD, as consumers move away from the once hot celebrity choices.

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