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Moore Bonding With Rubinstein

Demi Moore is not just another pretty face in a fragrance ad.

Demi Moore is not just another pretty face in a fragrance ad.

That became clear during a brief interview at a reception organized in New York last week by Vanity Fair magazine and L’Oréal to trumpet the beauty giant’s U.S. launch this weekend of its new Helena Rubinstein women’s fragrance, Wanted, for which Moore is both the face and the inspiration.

The fragrance represents Rubinstein’s reentry into the U.S. market after beating a retreat in 2003. The fragrance will be sold exclusively in 674 Macy’s doors across the country.

Moore was signed by Rubinstein in 2004 and has become increasingly involved in its development. Describing the Wanted launch as “an effort to test the waters,” she noted Rubinstein recruited her while looking for “a way to reinvigorate the [Rubinstein name]. They never really had a face of the brand,” she said.

“Although it is established and really well respected, it clearly didn’t have the same profile of some of the other top brands,” Moore continued, adding, “I feel like I have a greater creative opportunity in working with something where we could really form a true partnership and be really mutually beneficial.”

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Moore noted she is in “very deep and serious conversation” with Rubinstein about “giving me an opportunity to create my own line…that would be relatable and relevant.”

She declined to elaborate. Elisabeth Sandager, president of the brand in Paris, couldn’t be reached for comment. Sources indicate that talks are under way over expanding Moore’s role to make her more of a creative partner.

While Rubinstein is being reintroduced in the U.S., the brand is doing well elsewhere, particularly in Europe. Wanted rolled out in Europe by early September and scored successes, ranking in the top 15 in a number of countries, the top 10 in Holland and Belgium and even number one in some Eastern European markets.