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Nivea to Leap From Cream to Scent

Well known for its 1911 cream, Nivea will launch a fragrance at the end of October.

BERLIN — For many, the smell of Nivea skin cream is a Proustian trigger — an instant whiff of nostalgia and nurture. Now, the well-known aroma has sparked a personal fragrance. Nivea Eau de Toilette will be launched at the end of October in Germany and later in Austria. No further market incursions are planned.

Housed in a flat, circular, white bottle reminiscent of an open tin of Nivea cream, Nivea Eau de Toilette is priced at 24 euros ($27 at current exchange) for 30-ml., and will be sold exclusively at Nivea-own outlets, including spas, stores and online.

The original recipe for the cream, first developed in 1911, is a tightly held secret, but the eau de toilette has notes of Lily of the Valley, lavender, ylang-ylang, freesia, mandarin and sandalwood.