Brenna Phelan, fragrance director and industry analyst at The NPD Group Inc., is using her prestige-fragrance expertise to predict the winner of this year’s Super Bowl.

Phelan is basing the outcome on sales in this year’s respective cities. She began by looking at incoming revenue during football season (September through December) and found Boston ranked number 10 among all designated market areas while Seattle ranked number 14.

To that end, Boston’s sales of total prestige fragrance were 80 percent higher than Seattle’s sales and grew at a faster rate.

“This alone might point to Boston [Patriots] as the winner,” noted Phelan. “But just as regular-season results can’t predict the outcome of postseason, neither can fragrance sales during regular season alone.”

During the football season, the number-one parent brand in Boston was Coco Mademoiselle, while the top-selling parent brand in Seattle during that time was Chanel Chance. During the postseason (first two weeks of January 2015), Chance was the number-one parent brand nationally, while Coco Mademoiselle ranked number two, with Seattle’s top-selling brand outperforming Boston’s during the postseason.

But the New York designated market area continues to hold the number-one spot in fragrance sales, so maybe the Giants have a chance next year.

“In my opinion, the Seahawks will win [this year],” Phelan said. “But it will be really close.”

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