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Orlando Bloom’s New Gig: Pitchman

The actor will front the advertising for Boss Orange Man, which is due out Feb. 1.

PARIS — Orlando Bloom has played many roles: Will Turner in “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Legolas Greenleaf in “The Lord of the Rings,” for instance. But he’s never been the face of a fragrance — until now.

Bloom will front the advertising for Boss Orange Man. The scent is due out Feb. 1.

“I never really thought about doing it before — I guess because I probably took myself a little too seriously and thought, I’m an actor, I’m not a model,” said Bloom. However it struck a chord when executives from Procter & Gamble, Hugo Boss’ fragrance licensee, explained the project to him.

They said, “It’s about a unique quality of independence and freedom, open minds and free souls and all of these [sorts] of ideas,” said Bloom. “And I was like, well, that’s kind of cool. I’m a guy’s guy. I’m not really a fragrance kind of guy. Suddenly, it was like, yeah, I can see how this could fit. It doesn’t stray too far from me.

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“If I was sort of pretending to be something I’m not, then, well, you know, I never [would have] thought about [it],” he said. “The way we even shot the commercial, it’s like a secret moment. It is like the moment before the camera rolls.”

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Bloom lauded director Jonas Akerlund on the ad shoot, which was unscripted and spontaneous. Bloom said it was his own idea to muss up his hair at the end of the film, which takes place on a stage set where he’s being prepped by a hairstylist and a makeup artist.

“Because that’s the way I am,” said Bloom. “I don’t spend a lot of time froufrou-ing myself.”

In fact, until his wife, Miranda Kerr, began her Kora organic skin care line, Bloom used only a body cream and admitted, “I used it everywhere.”

He recently finished filming in Germany “The Three Musketeers,” in which he plays the Duke of Buckingham.“It was really fun for me. The bad guys have all the fun, right?” said Bloom, who’s been mostly cast as good guys so far in his career. He added that acting a villain “was like wind beneath my wings.”

Bloom also of late produced a movie called “The Good Doctor,” in which he acts as well. He said there are “so many” sorts of characters he’d like to play and that he’d love to direct maybe one day.

So now that he’s been initiated into the world of scent, would Bloom consider doing a signature fragrance line?

“It hasn’t really crossed my mind,” he said, adding: “Never say never to anything, you know.”

Boss Orange Man is to launch worldwide beginning Feb. 1, except for in the U.S., about one-and-a-half years after the debut of the women’s iteration that is fronted by Sienna Miller.

“Whereas Orange Woman is about a fragrance of happiness, [Orange Man] is and will be the ultimate feel-good fragrance for men,” said Gerd von Podewils, global marketing director for P&G Prestige, adding Bloom is the “perfect partner” for Miller in the campaign.

A note of apple is key in both of the Boss Orange scents.

“In the male fragrance, we’ve used a citrus note to create a really crisp, masculine apple note,” said Will Andrews, an olfactory scientist on the P&G fragrance creation team, which developed the scent with Givaudan. Heart notes include frankincense and spices, while in the base there are notes of vanilla and bubinga wood.

For the bottle, Eyan Allen, creative director of Boss Orange, took a cue from Hugo Boss’ fashion collection of the same name. He said it’s “about creating a new way of dressing, which is about modern lifestyle, the combination of urban distressed, destroyed, together with the soft tailoring culture of Hugo Boss.”

The film starring Bloom will run as 10-, 15- and 20-second spots destined primarily for TV. Steven Klein lensed the print ad, which comes mostly in single-page format.

P&G executives would not discuss projections, but industry sources estimate Boss Orange will generate $80 million in first-year retail sales.

In France, a 40-ml. eau de toilette spray is to retail for 39 euros, or $52.60 at current exchange; a 60-ml. edt spray for 51 euros, or $68.80, and a 100-ml. edt spray for 67 euros, or $90.40.