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Paris Hilton Promotes 20th Fragrance and Teases Tech Launches

The reality star turned consumer products mogul celebrated her latest fragrance, Gold Rush, at the Beverly Hills boutique Kyle by Alene Too on Wednesday night.

Fittingly for a reality star turned consumer products mogul whose fragrance enterprise spans 20 fragrances and 12 years, Paris Hilton created her latest perfume, Gold Rush, for the woman who’s unstoppable.

“I love how this one makes you feel. You feel really confident when you wear it,” said Hilton, who celebrated the scent’s launch Wednesday night at her aunt Kyle Richards’ Beverly Hills boutique Kyle by Alene Too. “I like something that really brings attention to you, and something that people remember.”

Despite having amassed roughly $2 billion in retail sales for her perfumes with licensee Parlux Fragrances Ltd., Hilton noted with nonchalance that there remain plenty of gaps she’s yet to fill in the scent category. Gold Rush is a fruity oriental fragrance with top notes of lemon zest, bergamot and nectarine; middle notes of velvet orchid, rose and violet; and base notes of vanilla bean, golden praline and cashmere woods.

“My fragrances in the beginning were more girly, almost Disney fantasy like with characters in fairy dust and me dressed as a fairy. Now, with Gold Rush, it is more mature and very sophisticated. It’s a completely different scent,” said Hilton, adding, “I’ve been in this business so long, I’m a pro at it. I know what the consumer wants, and I know what I want. I’ve smelled so many scents, and I basically have everything memorized. I always want to do something different from the last one.”

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Gold Rush’s ad imagery marks Hilton’s debut pairing with a male model in a fragrance campaign. “This is my first time being single. All of the other times I never used a male model because my boyfriends would be jealous, but this time I’m single, so I could do what I wanted,” she said. “The scent is very flirty, beautiful and sensual, so I wanted that to be in the campaign. It is basically about just me and the guy together flirting.” Victor Demarchelier photographed the campaign.

Gold Rush, which is priced at $60 for 100 ml. and $32 for 30 ml., will be introduced Sunday on air at HSN and broaden its retail reach in August by entering Perfumania. “We’re impressed by Paris’ continued success and growth of her fragrance franchise,” said Alicia Valencia, senior vice president of beauty for HSN, in a statement about Gold Rush’s arrival at the home-shopping network.

Industry sources project Gold Rush will generate $3 million to $4 million in retail sales during the initial season after its release, and peg the Hilton fragrance franchise as a whole at around $200 million in retail sales annually. International markets are responsible for 80 percent of the fragrance revenues.

Hilton may have gotten a leg up when she broke onto television on “The Simple Life” in 2003 from her famous name, but hard work has sustained her business since then. She’s on the road most of the year managing licensing partners, making appearances, posing for photo shoots and DJing. Over the last two weeks, she visited five countries. “I have mastered the art of passing out on a plane very quickly and, as soon as I land, it’s off to work until I get back on the plane,” said Hilton.

Retail and real estate are big pushes for Hilton of late. She said 50 stores globally sell her products and another 200 will land this year in China alone. Also this year, Hilton reported she is inaugurating her second property in the Philippines (The Paris Beach Club opened there in 2014) and developing a boutique hotel in Dubai.

Although she didn’t divulge her plans, technology is the next segment Hilton is diving into. “I feel like I’ve really accomplished a lot with having 17 different product lines, everything from sunglasses to shoes to clothing, makeup, skin care and lingerie. Basically, you name a product, I make it. In that area, I feel like I have done all there is,” she said. “I have a lot of different tech companies I’m working with. I am really looking forward to that. I have some really exciting, very cool projects.” Watch your back Mark Zuckerberg.