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PDC Brands Acquires Bodycology and Cantu

This is the second transaction between the PDC and Advanced Beauty Inc. following the purchase of Dr. Teal’s Therapeutic Solutions in 2014.

STAMFORD, Conn. — PDC Brands has acquired Bodycology and Cantu from Advanced Beauty Inc. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this is the second transaction between the two beauty companies. PDC, formerly known as Parfums de Coeur, purchased Dr. Teal’s Therapeutic Solutions in 2014 from Advanced Beauty.

This is the latest in a flurry of beauty mergers and acquisitions — this time an entrepreneurial company buying up properties to compete with major players.

“We are looking to buy brands that can be number one or two their categories,” said James Stammer, chief executive officer of PDC Brands. The company’s portfolio includes Body Fantasies, which according to Nielsen data gathered for the end of 2014, was number one in mass women’s fragrance, and BOD Man, the top seller in the mass men’s fragrances.

According to the company, PDC has doubled sales and profits since joining forces with Boston-based private equity firm Yellow Wood Partners in 2012. PDC global sales are estimated at $400 million, a notable 30 percent increase in the last two years.

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PDC also markets Calgon and The Healing Garden, which Yellow Wood purchased from Ilex (which acquired them from Coty) in 2013. Stammer believes the addition of Bodycology will complement the offer in specialty bath. “The really nice thing is the consumer profile is very different. Calgon [is] a mom’s brand, while Bodycology appeals to a younger consumer. They don’t overlap,” Stammer said. While Bodycology is number one in the specialty bath market, its share had been declining along with soft sales in the category. “We feel we can give Bodycology and the category the attention needed to bring back growth,” Stammer said, nothing that under PDC’s watch, Dr. Teal’s has almost doubled in size.

With the addition of Cantu, a fast growing multicultural hair care brand, PDC expands beyond its core of affordably priced fragrances and bath products. “Cantu is a real gem,” said Stammer, adding that the line for naturally textured hair needs has great credibility with consumers. Advanced founder and president Chris McClain, who used his knowledge as a former Wal-Mart buyer to help build sales of Bodycology and Cantu, said that with the sale of those brands he plans to focus on building lines he still owns including Earth Supplied Products, Toodaloo and Aquation, as well as work on several new concepts.