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Perfumers Unite to Protect, Promote Profession

The organization’s goals include lobbying for the defense of the perfumer’s palette and obtaining legal protection for fragrance composition.

PARIS — Sixty perfumers have banded together to found La Société Internationale des Parfumeurs-Créateurs, or The International Society of Perfumer-Creators, also known as SIPC. Their mission is to define, protect and promote the profession.

“The SIPC intends to provide the profession with a guaranteed level of competence and protect future generations of perfumers,” stated the organization, which is based in Versailles, France. None of the 60 members were named.

Among the body’s other goals is to lobby for the defense of the perfumer’s palette of fragrance materials and obtain recognition of fragrance composition as meriting legal protection, it said.

The association culls perfumers from around the globe and is supported by fragrance suppliers, national perfumer societies and major fragrance brands, it said.