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Pitti Fragranze Makes International Push

The fragrance trade show will run from Sept. 14 to 16 in Florence at the Stazione Leopolda.

MILAN — The tenth edition of the Pitti Fragranze fragrance trade show, which will run from Sept. 14 to 16 in Florence at the Stazione Leopolda, will strengthen its international push with the theme “Buon Viaggio” (Have a Nice Trip). Organizers said linking fragrances to luxury and lifestyle items, and balancing expansion of the fair with an exclusive product offering, were key to its success.

This year’s fair will showcase roughly 200 exhibitors, including brands such as Annick Goutal, Blood Concept, Eau d’Italie, Juliette Has a Gun and Testa Maura. The special section “Spring” will display new fragrance brands, while “Charms” will present a range of fashion accessories.

Trade producer Pitti Immagine’s deputy director Agostino Poletto emphasized that the inclusion of product categories that are complementary to fragrances — such as accessories, design electronics and jewelry — “is getting a good response from customers” and Pitti is developing this angle of the fair. He noted, however, that Pitti Fragranze aims to grow cautiously, focusing on selectivity rather than on rapid development. “The mix of products has to be effective and precise,” he said.

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“We continue to represent high-quality merchandise at a time when many are offering more homologous products,” added Raffaello Napoleone, chief executive officer of Pitti Immagine. He said some other Italian fairs have suffered from exponential growth that made product selection “incoherent.”

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Poletto noted this edition of the fair aimed to offer visitors “a geography of the senses,” for example with special guest and journalist and perfume critic Chandler Burr’s installation “Every Bottle of Perfume Contains a World.” The exhibit, produced in collaboration with International Flavors & Fragrances, will feature an “olfactory map” showing where specific fragrance ingredients originate, as well as where raw materials are extracted and scents are developed. IFF also partnered with Pitti for a conference in which the American company will discuss industry trends and research.

Lapo Cianchi, director of communication and special projects at Pitti, said Burr would give a retrospective lecture on artistic perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, and would host a special Scent Dinner for journalists and select perfumery experts. “We’re creating a small festival around our special guest,” Cianchi noted.

Napoleone said while its olfactory nature presented a challenge, he could not rule out the future inclusion of Pitti Fragranze on e-Pitti, the Web portal that showcases collections from the men’s, women’s and children’s wear Pitti fairs as well as yarn fair Pitti Filati.

Pitti has been developing its Web site and online showroom as tools for exhibitors and buyers, who can use them for accessing product imagery and material information, in addition to completing direct business transactions.