Sherri Sebastian is out to better bathroom basics.

The Los Angeles perfumer’s new brand Provision taps into the growing self-care trend that’s putting a contemplative spin on the stuff slathered on bodies and faces. Its initial range spans eight products priced from $35 to $125 and includes three fragrances as well as the personal-care staples deodorant, body oil and lip balm.

“I am extremely particular about how I scent my home and the products I surround myself with. I created this out of my own personal desire to have the ultimate experience in self care,” said Sebastian, who celebrated Provision’s debut with an event at retailer Ron Robinson earlier this month. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using fragrances to inspire a mood, and the Provision line comes from that. It’s the realization of what I like to have in my daily life for different moods.”

Not necessarily a personal-care standard, the first Provision item Sebastian composed was the room and linen spray Dream Extract. The product’s concept is the result of an experience she had with a healer in Belize. He recommended Sebastian place an oil on her pillow nightly for vivid dreams and insomnia relief. It turned out to be a great sleep aid by turning Sebastian’s attention to her dreams rather than her lack of shuteye. “Provision is a paradigm shift,” declared Sebastian. “This is the only self-care line created by a perfumer that I know of.”

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Similar to her approach to other Provision products, Sebastian said she zeroed in on luxurious, natural ingredients to devise Dream Extract and sought not to overload it with extraneous materials. “The idea of simplicity is important, having only the best of what you need, and ingredients that are simple and sophisticated,” Sebastian said. Avoiding the lavender that’s typical of products promoting sleep, Dream Extract features eco-certified clary sage, bergamot, musk and amber.

“It doesn’t over announce itself. It’s there in a comforting, familiar way,” Sebastian said.

Sebastian’s decision to develop a deodorant was more straightforward: She doesn’t wear antiperspirant and is constantly seeking antiperspirant alternatives, and she stumbled upon an enzyme system dubbed DeoPlex that naturally breaks down odor molecules she thought would be ideal for Provision’s deodorant offering Purify. In addition to DeoPlex, Purify contains French clary sage, Madagascan vetiver and oakmoss. “I love the idea of refreshing yourself throughout the day and using deodorant not only for deodorizing properties, but also for the ritual of refreshing and getting ready,” Sebastian said.

Provision’s 1.5-oz. eau de parfums are Las Flores, Maitri and Resonance. Although the fragrances are unisex, Las Flores is the most feminine, and has orange flower absolute, elemi, poplar bud, amber and canyon air accord. “I have spent a lot of time hiking in Malibu Canyon, and there’s something really special about the air in the Canyon. Especially after the rain, you get a lot of herbaceous floral notes that I haven’t smelled other places, and you have the ocean and marine notes that blend with them,” Sebastian said. “I didn’t want it to be overly floral, and I wanted it to be approachable. I think the canyon accord helps achieve that with the amber notes that represent the Canyon air.”

Maitri revolves around vetiver, a favorite note of Sebastian’s. “I wanted to do a nod to classic European vetiver fragrances, but bring in a modern twist. I have a mandarin musk accord in there to give it that twist,” she said. The final fragrance, Resonance, is the deepest of the three scents, and incorporates cork absolute, vanilla absolute, Spanish labdanum and olibanum. “The purpose of cork in nature is to protect the tree. It’s sustainable and durable, and that goes to the theme of feeling protective, warm and in a meditative state,” Sebastian said.

At Provision’s Ron Robinson launch party, its merchandise at the Los Angeles store sold out within an hour, and there was a scramble to restock with products from the retailer’s Santa Monica location. Karen Meena, vice president of buying and merchandising at Ron Robinson, pronounced the brand a hit.

“We love that the brand is based in Malibu, and reflects our West Coast sensibilities of mindfulness, pure ingredients, healing intentions and beautiful design,” she said. “These all resonate strongly with our clients.”