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Pure Natural Diva Set to Launch Fragrance Line

The collection consists of three scents, Pure, Natural and Diva, each priced at $100.

The green movement is nothing new for Tania Reuben, founder of eco-centric Web site Pure Natural Diva.

Raised in a teepee on a communal dairy farm and brought up by a young hippie mother, Reuben’s childhood was anything but ordinary. In 2009, after the birth of her first child, Reuben’s “green” upbringing came into play when she founded Pure Natural Diva, a site dedicated to mindful living. Expanding her mission, Reuben is set to launch a line of PND botanical fragrances.


“About 95 percent of perfumes use ingredients that are synthesized that I don’t want to use on my body,” said Reuben. “When I went shopping for alternatives they were either very expensive or too ‘granola.’” Having spoken to friends and readers about similar struggles, Reuben decided to create a line of natural fragrances inspired by the “pure natural diva” in every woman.

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The collection consists of three scents, Pure, Natural and Diva, each priced at $100. Pure, a unisex scent, contains a lemongrass base, lavender, lemon and lime verbena, sandalwood and cedar wood. Natural, an outdoorsy aroma, is created with a Moroccan rose base, tangerine, red mandarin and rounded with sage.
Diva is a sophisticated and deeply layered scent. It starts with a sandalwood base and natural musk, and then is rounded with vanilla, nutmeg, pink peppercorn and jasmine. It is then deepened with tobacco and opened up with cognac.

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In addition to the three core fragrances, Ruben will also launch a more expensive accompanying scent called Elixir, $150, which contains a rich vanilla base with pink grapefruit and oak moss.

According to Reuben, each PND perfume supports locally sourced bottles. The packaging is obtained in Los Angeles and manufactured in San Diego. Also, all of the toxin-free bottles come from France, rather than China. “We take the values from the Web site and put them into the products,” said Reuben.

PND will work with a virtual office network of online moms and beauty bloggers to help spread the word about the PND perfumes. “Forty-five lifestyle beauty blogs have already signed on to cover the launch,” said Reuben. “And we predict 7.5 million impressions on various online outlets.”

Industry sources estimate first-year retail sales could be $300,000. All four perfumes will be available at in March and brick-and-mortar distribution is planned for April.