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Rebranded PDC Eyes Growth

James Stammer, chief executive officer of PDC, wants brands to know that it’s hungry for new additions to the portfolio.

Parfums de Coeur has a new corporate identity. And James Stammer, chief executive officer of PDC, wants brands to know that it’s hungry for new additions to the portfolio.

This past December, the mass-market beauty and personal care platform changed its name to PDC after 34 years because “Parfums” no longer made sense.

“We had outgrown the first word because over the past couple of years we’ve built a portfolio of beauty and personal care brands across categories well beyond traditional fragrances,” said Stammer. “Right now we are actively marketing our brands as fine fragrance, specialty bath, adult bath care, first aid and even foot care. We thought the word “Parfums” was misleading at this point.”

In 2012, PDC joined forces with Boston-based private equity firm Yellow Wood Partners. Since then, the company has acquired Calgon, The Healing Garden and most recently Dr. Teal’s, which is PDC’s fastest growing brand and has experienced double-digit growth since it appeared on Dr. Oz in October.

“We are trying to buy companies or businesses that really help us broaden our footprint from a consumer perspective, channel perspective or even a geographic perspective with international markets,” said Stammer, who noted that he is actively looking at a number of properties.

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Although mass-market fragrance has consistently declined in sales, it’s still an integral part of PDC and according to Stammer, brand’s like Body Fantasies and Bod Man have sustained long term success.

“Body Fantasies and Bod Man consumers are often first-time purchasers of beauty and grooming products,” he said. “It’s our goal to ‘wow’ them with products they can afford. Our key strategy [for these brands] is talking to youth and always to recruit the next generation of mass-market beauty category users.”

Currently, PDC brands are sold in about 42 countries outside of the U.S., representing 20 percent of its total business.

“Our International strategy focuses on growing our business in a few key markets where consumers have really embraced our products,”said Stammer.  “For example, in Asia, particularly in Japan and Korea, Body Fantasies is becoming a top beauty brand used by young women.  Additionally, we seek to expand the presence of Calgon in Canada and Body Fantasies and Bod Man in Latin America and the Middle East.”​