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Rob Lowe on Scents, Espresso and Unfortunate Eighties Hair

Lowe will launch a men’s fragrance on on March 1 and in Nordstrom doors on March 18.

Rob Lowe has a secret weapon for dealing with days that start at 4 a.m. and stretch to the wee hours of the night (as this past Tuesday into Wednesday, which involved crack-of-dawn flights to Dallas, two speeches, a formal dinner, 12 hours of shooting and an appearance on Conan O’Brien).

“I’m not kidding you — at this point, it’s 12 shots of espresso a day,” Lowe said from the set of his Fox series “The Grinder,” one of two shows he is currently filming.

“Twelve. Doctors are saying to me, ‘you’re blowing out your adrenal [gland].’ But something’s got to give. The entire train stops without espresso.”

When he’s not playing a former actor who played a lawyer on TV and is trying to convince everyone in Boise that he actually has a law degree (“The Grinder”) or an unconventional priest (NBC’s “You, Me and the Apocalypse”), Lowe turns his laser focus to Profile 4 Men, the men’s grooming company he launched in 2015.

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“I’m really proud of our progress,” Lowe said of the line. “We’re meeting all our targets, even though the retail world is challenging. I’m like a little kid at Christmas.”

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The newest present under the tree is a men’s fragrance that Lowe will unveil on on March 1, and in Nordstrom doors on March 18. Lowe’s line is currently in about 150 Nordstrom doors.

“Sometimes, some things come out better than you could have imagined, and this is one of those times,” he said of 18 Amber Wood, his debut men’s scent.

“The fragrance has been a whole adventure for me,” Lowe said. “I got to work with one of the great fragrance companies, Drom. I wanted my first fragrance to be something bold, distinctive and yet subtle. For me, I always wear one of two things: bold and distinctive for red carpets, event evenings. and then something that’s more of an every day. We’ve begun with the former.”

The fragrance, in a midnight-blue bottle, has top notes of Sicilian bergamot, pink pepper and crisp fig leaves; a heart of spicy blue sage, lavender and cardamom seeds, and a base of sandalwood, sequoia bark and red Colorado cedar. A 3.4 oz. eau de parfum will sell for $89.50.

“What it is is really male, very substantive and sexy,” Lowe said. “But what it is not, in any way, overpowering. For me, that’s always the bull’s-eye I find hard to hit in fragrance. This is a fragrance that you put on and you go, ‘All right. It’s on. Game time.”

Lowe said that his second fragrance is due for a fall launch, although he declined to give many specifics except to say “that one’s going to be the easy-breezy type of scent, fresh and clean.” However, all future fragrances will also feature numbers in their names. “I like numbers, and want to use the numbers that are important to me personally,” he said. For instance, 18 Amber Wood was inspired by Lowe’s first trip down the red carpet at age 18, at the premiere of “The Outsiders.”

“My thing is always about being timeless and relevant, simple and classic,” Lowe continued. “There will never be anything from Profile that is so au courant that in 10 years you’re going to go back and roll your eyes about it. You’re talking to a man who had one of the world’s most famous mullets in the Eighties.”

And speaking of hair, Lowe’s planning to go there. “I’m a hair freak,” he said. “I remember the moment when mousse came out in the Eighties — it literally changed my life, I’m embarrassed to admit,” he said with a laugh. “So many men I know aren’t doing anything with their hair, and it would be so easy just to throw the right gel into it or the right paste. We have an amazing hair thickening shampoo coming and a fantastic gel molding paste. All of them have a very potent hair-thickening element to them, because let’s face it, everyone wants more there than they actually have.” Those products are scheduled for a fall launch.

Despite the many things he’s juggling, Lowe is grateful for all of the projects with which he’s involved. “A lot of hard work and ground work is paying off, and it’s a great time. I’m fulfilled. It also gives me permission to really enjoy and embrace when I actually do have time off.”