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Scent Show Opens in Paris’ Palais-Royal

The exhibition, which runs through June 14, was conceived to give a holistic account of fragrance.

PARIS — An exhibition conceived to give a holistic account of fragrance opened Thursday in the gardens of the Palais-Royal here.

Called “Le Parfum dans Tous Les Sens” (or “Perfume in Every Sense”), it mixes contemporary photography, fragrances and information documenting the steps it takes to conceive a scent.

Two rows of 25, 5-by-6-foot panels run through an alleyway of the majestic park. On one of their sides are photos evocative of a specific aroma, such as “Sea Spray,” an image by Wout Berger; “Ashes” by Helene Schmitz, and “Thunderstorm” by Bernard Plossu.

On the other side of each panel is information — in French and in English — about subjects including bespoke fragrances, design and packaging, and celebrity marketing.

Certain panels correspond to a bar of solid scent attached to one side. “Sugary,” a photo taken by John Batho, for instance, was paired with a cotton candy fragrance — which is positioned low enough that even a child can take a whiff. And with the description of “essential citrus” comes a lemon smell, adding another dimension.

Olfactory workshops are also available for both adults and kids.

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The exhibit, which was the brainchild of The Fragrance Foundation France and Terre Bleue book publisher, is free and runs through June 14. Gabriel Bauret helped curate the show.

For the launch, Scentys Fragrance Systems gently scented the park with the company’s recently introduced outdoor diffusion system.