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‘Sex and the City’ Counterfeits Top Customs Perfume List

Overall, $51 million in fake perfume seized in 2011.

WASHINGTON — Counterfeit “Sex and the City” perfume topped the list of seizures by U.S. Customs & Border Protection, which hit $51 million in fiscal year 2011, the agency said Wednesday.

Customs officials said the perfume associated with the popular HBO movie and TV series was the most “frequently intercepted” last year. Officials also worked with the right holder to help crack down on illegal imports.

CBP’s Intellectual Property Rights “National Targeting and Analysis Group” in Los Angeles focused on 138 commercial shipments of perfume for possible trademark infringement and 52 of the shipments were seized for infringing on the “Sex and the City” trademark. The combined seized shipments contained more than 1 million bogus perfume items and were valued domestically at $8 million, Customs said. The same authentic items selling at retail would have been more than $45 million.

“Counterfeit perfumes are a form of theft from the brand owner, and protecting American intellectual property is a priority for CBP,” the agency said. “In addition to the economic harm, counterfeit perfumes are also often contaminated with unknown chemicals that can cause serious injury.”

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