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The Smell Test: Miyako by Auphorie

Described as "drop-dead wonderful" by one judge and "an insult to perfumery" by another, this scent had the panel split down the middle.

The Score: 4.8

The Verdict: Fragrance marketers often talk of wanting to create a love-hate fragrance that will inspire legions of admirers. Miyako by Auphorie achieved the first goal and certainly divisiveness, scoring both 1s and 10s.

“Love it or loathe it. There’s no in-between.”

Artistic score: 1

Innovation score: 10

“I have never, ever smelled anything like this. Drop-dead wonderful.”

Artistic score: 10

Innovation score: 10

“Woody tobacco yet also ink-intriguing in a good way on top. A common very sweet vanilla background, surprisingly not long-lasting is a pity. A good one for a two- to three-hour date…or to re-spray.”

Artistic score: 6

Innovation score: 4

“Aggressive fruity/strawberry/raspberry note, smells like jam, but cheap jam loaded with synthetics. More suitable for a household product.”

Artistic score: 1

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Innovation score: 2

“Wow! This fragrance is stunning. The first time I smelled this it was almost too intense. Once I got used to the vibrancy, I loved its drydown into a dewy and creamy coconut. This is something new, and done very well.”

Artistic score: 8

Innovation score: 8

“For me, it’s an awful Eastern fragrance with oud/exotic fruits with spices, on a coconut base…heavy, oily fat. The vomit repulsive sensation is not far away. I can’t wear it long, but it sticks on the skin.”

Artistic score: 1

Innovation score: 1

“I will never ask someone to wear such a horrible scent. It is simply an insult to perfumery and consumers.”

Artistic score: 2

Innovation score: 3