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Third James Bond Fragrance to Launch at Harrods

Quantum is inspired by the infamous agent’s knack for remaining calm under pressure.

LONDON — Bond is back. The third fragrance in the James Bond 007 franchise, called Quantum, which is launching exclusively at Harrods this month, is inspired by the infamous agent’s knack for remaining calm under pressure.

“We went back to what we have learnt in our journey: What really gets the hearts of our fans racing is the dangerous encounters that James Bond deals with, and the fact that he does it with cool sophistication. He is always cool under pressure,” Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson, associate marketing director, James Bond Fragrances at Procter & Gamble, told WWD. “Given that it is such a high-interest aspect of Bond for our [fans], we decided to translate that into a fragrance. Our third fragrance retains the masculinity that is so important for James Bond, but it brings in a few unique aspects. We have brought in Juniper berries, which you may be familiar with as they are one of the key ingredients in gin. They bring a lovely decoration to this new fragrance. We also married that with leather accord. That combination creates a fragrance that is much more spicy and much more adrenaline-fueling than what we have in the rest of the lineup.”

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The juice was created by the P&G Prestige team in collaboration with Eon Productions, the company that owns the James Bond franchise. The scent, made up of two accords, opens with juniper berries, reminiscent of Bond’s trademark tipple; the martini, and energizing bergamot. Sandalwood completes the trio in the “Raw Masculinity” accord. The scent of leather, inspired by Bond’s affinity for fast cars, and violet leaf make up the “Composure” accord, which aims to channel the hero’s mental focus.

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The bottle and packaging, which were both designed by the P&G Prestige team in collaboration with Eon, draw on Bond’s love of expensive automobiles with a metallic mesh texture on the gunmetal gray glass flacon. The red brushed metal closure on the twist cap adds a hint of espionage-appropriate danger. The outer packaging is a high-shine dark silver, with a studded texture and “Quantum” on red.

The eau de toilette will come in four sizes: 125 ml. for $65; 75 ml. for $50; 50 ml. for $40, and 30 ml. for $30. Ancillary products include an aftershave for $29.95; a shower gel for $15.95; a deodorant spray and a deodorant stick for $18.95 each, and an aerosol deodorant spray for $15.95.

The first Bond fragrance, which launched exclusively at Harrods in August 2012, was inspired by the spy’s elegance and sophistication and surprised the company with the scale of its success. Industry sources estimated that it would make $65 million in retail sales during its first year on counter. When WWD spoke to the company less than a year after the launch, it had already made more than $100 million in turnover. “It quickly became [P&G Prestige’s] biggest-ever male lifestyle launch,” said Gasco-Buisson. “One of the things we know about the James Bond film franchise and the brand in general is that its appeal is universal and constant. Bond is loved by 90 percent of men. Of course there are peaks [in interest in the brand] when we have movies, as with any other franchise, but the appeal of this brand is that it is a loved brand throughout the year. If you look at Google searches on Bond, it is consistent throughout the period, with or without movies.”

Quantum is expected to make $55 million in first-year retail sales, according to industry sources, less than the original scent, but Gasco-Buisson expects the brand as a whole to grow as a result of this launch.

The brand worked again with the official James Bond photographer, Greg Williams, on the print campaign, which will break in September issues. There is also a television commercial to support the launch, and the brand is working closely with Eon on a digital campaign.

After the Harrods launch, the scent will roll out to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, the U.S. and Italy in September. From October, it will launch in Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, India and Philippines, eventually being available in 50,000 doors.

While this is the only James Bond fragrance launch planned for this year, the brand said that it has “big plans” to capture the imagination of Bond fans at Christmas.