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Tocca Travels More Deeply Into Home Fragrance With Launch of Voyage

Builds out home fragrance collection with a new line called Voyage.

Tocca is hitting the road.

Best known for its fragrances capturing the spirit and personality of girls who inspired them, Tocca’s newest collection takes its cues from famous locations. Called Voyage, the home fragrance range evokes the scents of Bora Bora; Capri; Marrakech; Montauk, N.Y., and Valencia, Italy. The products include hand-poured candles, hand soaps and lotions.

“We picked five incredibly beautiful places we love and worked with our perfume team to develop scents that are reminiscent of those locations. We want to take people on a sensorial trip around the world,” said Gordon Finkelstein, Tocca’s president and chief executive officer.

Voyage bows this month exclusively at Bluemercury and On Aug. 1, Voyage travels into independent and specialty stores worldwide. Voyage will also be sold internationally, including exclusively at Mecca in Australia. Prices range from $20 for a hand soap to $42 for a 10-oz. candle.

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“This is the evolution of what Tocca has become,” Finkelstein explained. “It addresses a segment of our business that’s very important,” he added, referring to the network of specialty retailers both in the U.S. and abroad. “We’ve built a story around our fine fragrances such as Cleopatra and Stella, but we felt it was time to draw some clean lines and introduce a new collection anchored in the home.”

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Finkelstein explained Voyage has a broader, unisex appeal versus the whimsical and feminine positioning of Tocca’s fragrances. In addition to bringing in new users, the line is giftable. Building out its home fragrance portfolio comes at a key time in the industry as the segment is showing some of the healthiest growth in the business.

Tocca Launches a New Line Called
Capri is one of Voyage’s destinations.

“As the upsurge in prestige sales and consumer statements attest, the home scents market is growing rapidly. This is a reflection of the consumer movement toward a different type of gift to self: more holistic sensory experiences,” said Karen Grant, global beauty industry analyst at The NPD Group, earlier this year. “Consumers tend to use candles, diffusers and other scented home products not out of necessity, but out of a desire for a warm and intimate space that brings both the consumer and — especially during the holidays — their guests, comfort, joy and positivity.”

Finkelstein added that people are pumping more money into their homes. “This is where the consumer is spending money now. Maybe we’re not traveling as much, but we are putting money into our home,” he said.

The distribution in independent and specialty retailers also offers growth potential to augment the 23-year-old company’s existing business in retailers such as Sephora, Birchbox, Anthropologie as well as 42 Tocca stores in Japan. “We think as a brand, we’ve only scratched the surface,” Finkelstein said of specialty doors. “This is a channel of distribution we have had our foot in the door for years, but we thought it was time to give them something new and refreshing.”

Bora Bora’s composition was crafted to conjure memories of white sand beaches and swaying palms. Capri harness ingredients to capture the mystery of Capri’s secluded coves and legendary Blue Grotto. Amber-infused Marrakech evokes the city’s imperial palaces and brightly colored bazaars. Montauk, expected to be one of the bestsellers, brings home the fresh and clean scent of salt air, wild mint and crisp cucumber. And Valencia is a tribute to the passion of the Spanish city. There are plans in the pipeline to expand the collection and with new scents and forms.

Tocca Launches a New Line Called
Tocca’s new Voyage launch.

“What we really wanted to do was evoke each of the locations,” explained Patricia Amarose, vice president of marketing and product development. She predicted the candles will be the briskest sellers, following by the hand soaps and then lotions.

Several in-store activities are planned to promote Voyage in Bluemercury including gifts with purchase. The company also expects to make optimal use of social media, a natural link with the travel positioning.