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Tumi Launches Men’s Fragrances

The scents will be sold at Tumi stores, on the brand’s web site and at Bloomingdale’s.

Tumi has launched its first men’s fragrances Awaken [08:00 GMT] and Unwind [20:00 GMT] with The Fragrance Group at its stores, e-commerce and at Bloomingdale’s.

The new scents created with , retailing at $100 for 100-ml. each, are an extension of the traveling lifestyle, with the Awaken fragrance created to energize and stimulate the wearer on the go, and the Unwind fragrance created for relaxation at an event, or having dinner or cocktails. The new fragrances could work in tandem since the scent lasts about as long as an average workday, or the customer can pick their favorite scent of the two.

The bottle also features technical elements found on Tumi products like a lock-in cap so the bottle doesn’t open while in transit.

“As a creative, I’m always looking for those new endeavors, and as a brand, we’re always looking to grow as a brand and this was natural,” said Tumi creative director Victor Sanz. “It was quite new exploring this dialogue and for the brand as well, leading into the bottle design and creating something that is indicative of the brand and timeless.”

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Sanz said Awaken and Unwind were in development for 12 months. He said one of the challenges in creating the fragrances was international travel. He gave an example of taking an overnight flight to Milan and heading straight to a meeting or presentation and needing the scent to last the trip.

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The launch was always slated to launch in August despite the pandemic. Travel had been cut back tremendously this year due to COVID-19, and according to Sanz, travel will look entirely different in the near future. He added that Tumi is ready for this.

“I don’t think anyone has been unscathed by this global pandemic, even the people that had tremendous growth had been affected,” he said. “It’s important for us to continue delivering products to our customers. People are still working and moving but it shifted. We didn’t want to come to a complete standstill.”

Sanz did not reveal sales numbers during COVID-19 or sales expectations for the fragrance, but said the new scents received positive responses over the two weeks of pre-order. It will also expand globally in the near future.

He also didn’t reveal upcoming launches for 2020, but said sustainability continues to be a main focus and driver for the company.

“Tumi has always been grounded in having a long product life cycle of 15 to 20 years,” he said. “We think about the sustainability side and create a better world for the future. For us what has always been key here is understanding our customers and what new needs they have in this new world and how do we best accommodate those elements. The way I look at it, having fragrance out is a huge win for us.”