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Vince Camuto Launches Garden-Inspired Flanker

For his second female scent, Fiori, the designer looked to his personal “love garden” in Connecticut for inspiration.

For his second female scent, Fiori, Vince Camuto looked to his personal “love garden” in Connecticut for inspiration.

“We love architecture and we love gardens and the gorgeous colors that bloom in June and July,” said Camuto. “We wanted a scent that was romantic and [reflective] of flowers.”


Inspired primarily by the violet-hued delphiniums in his garden, formerly a chateau from the 1900s, Camuto set out to capture its essence in a bottle. “The garden is a focal point in the house and cherry blossoms even line the driveway,” said Camuto, adding that the blooms’ hues range from blues to pinks and purples. “We thought the scent had to be very feminine and very light. And we love that the name is the Italian word for flower.”

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The juice, created by Laurent Le Guernec from IFF, is a springlike amalgam of pink grapefruit, white nectarine, iris, freesia, sandalwood and blonde cedarwood, while the bottle, designed by HDM designer Henry de Monclin, features rose gold accents, a soft pink ribbon and the Camuto family crest. Fiori, $78, will launch to 1,300 doors, including department stores and Vince Camuto boutiques, today.

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Although the brand would not comment on financials, industry insiders believe Fiori could generate $4 million in the first year at retail. “Consumers are tired of winter and ready for something new and fresh for summer and spring,” said Linda Levy, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Camuto’s scent distributor, Parlux, adding that the scent would be displayed in Macy’s during the retailer’s annual Flower Show.

With a target demographic of women between 25 and 50, Camuto said his consumer is clamoring for new fragrances.


“Our brand is doing exceptionally well right now, particularly fragrance,” said Camuto’s wife, Louise Camuto, creative director of the Vince Camuto brand and the president of marketing for Camuto Group. Louise Camuto then cited the success of the leather-bound Vince Camuto for Men, which she said was one of the top ten new 2012 men’s launches in general prestige sales and a FiFi finalist. “Fragrance is a cornerstone of our business.”

Levy agreed. “In the land of the new Parlux, as Vince continues to grow in the U.S. and beyond, there is so much potential,” she said. “We will continue to build on the excitement of this franchise. We have pillars now.”