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WWP, ScentInvent, Sign Licensing Deal

ScentInvent has formulated fragrance in stick form that WWP will make available to others in the beauty industry.

Beauty packaging business WWP Beauty has signed a licensing agreement with ScentInvent Technologies LLC.

ScentInvent was founded by Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas in 2016. It focuses on creating new formats for fragrance.

The duo started a direct-to-consumer fragrance brand earlier this year called Sparti Scents, which launched fragrances in a stick form, rather than liquid. The brand sells three different “Fragrance Coolers,” $28 each or $75 for all three. The sticks also contain ingredients traditionally found in skin care, like hyaluronic acid and green tea, and are free from alcohol. WWP created the packaging for Sparti.

The licensing agreement will allow WWP to offer the formulation for the Sparti sticks to other beauty businesses, which could then use their own branded packaging, Wallach and Fabrigas explained in an interview.

Josh Kirschbaum, chief executive officer of WWP, said in a statement that he envisions a global opportunity for the partnership “to offer a fresh vision to the beauty and fragrance industry.” WWP is owned by private equity firm Bain Capital, which bought the business in 2018.

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While the fragrance business is centered primarily on juice, sales have started to trickle in via less conventional ways in recent years. Le Labo, for example, did a collaboration with laundry detergent business the Laundress, and P&G has highlighted the success of scent booster beads, which have become a multimillion-dollar business.

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