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A Toast to a New Hair-care Launch

After being sprayed with Champagne to celebrate a birthday, Rachel Katzman discovered her hair looked better than ever.

Happy 2017. Did you wash your hair with Champagne?

Rachel Katzman, founder of Cuvée Beauty hopes her new hair-care line featuring Champagne becomes a New Year’s resolution. Katzman first discovered the tonsorial benefits of bubbly while doused with Champagne during her 21st birthday in Las Vegas.

“It was my a-ha moment. I had perfect hair. No frizz. Perfect waves and perfect definition. I knew I was onto something,” recalled Katzman, a self-proclaimed beauty junkie who has jumped from product to product in her quest for healthy tresses.

There’s something to boozy beauty. Beer had a moment in the late seventies when women flocked to Body on Tap shampoo, but Katzman kicked it up a notch with Champagne, a luxury many celebrities also endorse for its beauty benefits.

Teaming with chemists she worked more than two years to uncork the right composition. The result is a lineup of six unisex (she tested them out on her fiancé) hair-care essentials featuring Champagne, but also other ingredients with specific attributes. The formula includes Champagne teamed with white truffle and platinum ferment extracts combined with resveratrol, ceramides, plant proteins and botanicals. The hair-care collection is fine-tuned to nourish and protect against pollutants, but also strengthen tresses. The scent featuring Champagne and fig was crafted by French fragrance house Grasse. “The ingredients not commonly found in hair care make the line unique,” Katzman explained.

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The lineup includes shampoo, conditioner, a leave-in complex, which works like a multivitamin for hair, styling balm, protective treatment and a Champagne spray. Prices range from $35 for the shampoo to $45 for the complex and protective treatment.

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Cuvée Beauty is produced in small batches and the formulas are sulfate and paraben-free. Katzman focuses on scalp health as a “canvas” for totally healthy hair. “Hair health has to come first. We do so much to our hair with blow drying, styling and coloring. We have to protect it and add nutrients back into hair,” she said. She noted the collection works on colored, textured and chemically treated hair.

Cuvée Beauty president Gloria Luna said initial distribution is online to provide a platform to tell Katzman’s story. “We want to drive people to our [] first,” she said.

Katzman will also provide tutorials and tips. “I’m a real girl with real hair problems. I am not a hairdresser and I think that makes me relatable,” Katzman said. “I used to have hair extensions and I gave them up and my hair looks even better after using Cuvée. It was an accidental discovery with great benefits.”