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Aesop Unveils New Hair Care Line

The Australian skin and body care label has revamped its hair care line and is set to launch ten new products in June.

Aesop, the Australian skin and body care label, has revamped its hair care line and is set to launch ten new products in June, to coincide with its 25th anniversary this year.

The six shampoos and four conditioners, known as Black Label, are designed to address different issues relating to the scalp or hair, working with both blended botanical oils and vegetable and synthetic proteins. The new range replaces Aesop’s original line of six shampoos and conditioners, which launched with the brand in the late Eighties.

Products in the new collection include Calming Shampoo, a mild formulation that aims to treat sensitive, dry and irritated scalps with ingredients such as sage leaf and chamomile flower; Classic Shampoo, formulated with rosemary leaf, cedarwood bark and juniper berry for frequent use, and Color Protection Shampoo, a sulfate-free formula with tangerine rind, panthenol and hydrolyzed oats. Conditioners include Volumizing Conditioner, with bergamot mint and fennel seed and Nurturing Conditioner, with tocopherol, sweet almond and shea butter.

The range is priced from $27 for the 200-ml. size of any of the shampoos or conditioners to $47 for the 500-ml. size of the products. Kate Forbes, head of research and development at Aesop said, “We have never deviated from our intention to create products that posses…tangible benefits for the hair and scalp,” she said. “This radically new range epitomizes everything Aesop is about…intelligence, innovation and exceptional quality.”

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