Although there are no consumer brands on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Alberto V05 is set on getting its own star.

To celebrate the hair care brand’s 60th birthday, the company is launching a program on April 6 on its Facebook page for fans to sign a petition to get Alberto V05 on the historic block.

“[With this program] we thought it would be a great way to teach a whole new generation about V05 and its Hollywood roots,” said Nina Riley, vice president of marketing at High Ridge Brands Co., who added that V05 sells 90 million bottles of shampoo and conditioner a year. “The really harsh lights back in the Fifties would fry the starlet’s hair so they needed some sort of conditioning formula to protect it. This hairdresser named Alberto created a conditioning agent with five natural based vitamin oils and that became Alberto V05.”

The petition will live online until the fall and the company will present the digitally signed appeal to the Hollywood Walk of Fame Management for consideration.

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Getting that star would be the icing on the birthday cake since the brand is doing great, according to Riley.

“High Ridge Brands, which is owned by Brynwood Partners, a private equity firm, purchased Alberto V05 from Unilever in 2011,” noted Riley. “It was a brand that was neglected. When we got it from Unilever we did this study and 98 percent of women did not understand what V05 stood for. When we explained what that V05 stood for five vitamin oils, their purchase interest went up dramatically. Everything we do is really focused on education.”

Playing on its oil heritage, in January, Alberto V05 launched an oil containing no mineral oils called the Shine, Glow and Go.

Meanwhile in August Wal-Mart will expand Alberto V05’s offering.