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American Crew Launches Elvis-Themed Collection

The special edition lineup includes six classic American Crew products with custom labels that feature Elvis.

Elvis Presley lives on — at least his image — on a limited-edition collection from American Crew.

The special-edition lineup consists of six of the American Crew classic styling products with custom labels featuring different images of a young Presley. The items include Fiber, Pomade, Forming Cream, Grooming Cream, Molding Clay and Defining Paste. The 3-ounce puck-style packages retail for $17.95 and are available at salons nationwide.

Known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, American Crew also crowned him the King of Men’s Grooming in bringing him to life as part of the collection. In a statement, Priscilla Presley confirmed Presley’s attention to grooming. “Elvis was particular about his hair. His hairstyle was part of his rebellion and individuality and he always was in search of the best hair products. Believe me, I know,” she said.

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Although gone, Presley continues to influence music and American culture, according to David Raccuglia, American Crew founder. “Men around the world owe a debt to Elvis Presley. He showed us that it’s not just what you have to say, but how you say it. He made success and change seem effortless, and used his voice and looks to make a statement to the world. Elvis is ‘the original cool.”

The limited-edition line comes at a high point in men’s grooming. Retailers said men are not only more interested in using products, but are also researching them and buying them on their own prompting fresh merchandise approaches in stores and enlarged sections. Several retailers said the use of Elvis’ image dovetails with a younger audience’s quest to rediscover legends of the past such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. Buyers added Revlon has become synonymous with keenly matching brands to celebrity ambassadors. “And in this case a good pick that’s not even alive… or may he is,” joked one senior level retailer.

Added Sennen Pamich, executive vice president and global president, Revlon Professional Brands, “There’s only one Elvis Presley, and we are so proud to help introduce him to a new generation of fans. Elvis and American Crew are a natural fit, as they both embody a uniquely American style that is youthful, iconic and original.”