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Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road Launches First Hair Product With Stylist Hervé Claude

Universal Hair Balm, the all-in-one styling cream, will be available on Wednesday.

Despite her long career in the beauty industry, Bobbi Brown has never ventured into hair — until now.

The makeup guru’s direct-to-consumer company Jones Road is teaming with hairstylist Hervé Claude, who has worked on many of Brown’s campaigns over the years, to launch Universal Hair Balm, an all-in-one styling cream priced at $34 and available on Wednesday. As well as Brown’s first hair product, it’s also Jones Road’s first collaboration.

“I have been working with Hervé for a long time. He’s my first go-to and we have a very good relationship,” Brown said of Claude. “Every time we got together he would talk about this hair product that he had an idea for. I would ask him about it and he would always run into a wall, whether it was he didn’t know what lab to go to or it cost too much money. One day I said to him, ‘OK, we’re going to do a collaboration and we’re going to do this together.’ He knew exactly which formula he wanted because I do not have the expertise in hair.”

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That formula is a unique blend of plant-derived proteins and amino acids and features a custom, clean fragrance blend of orange blossom, agarwood and white patchouli.

Brown, who struggles to know what to do with her hair, has found the product to be helpful in two ways. “When I’m the normal Bobbi, when I’m just running around doing my normal life and then going to meet someone for dinner, I literally put the balm in my hand, take my hair out of the ponytail and then I just spread the balm from top to bottom and it gets rid of the frizzies and gives my hair a nice bit of shine and when I go to someone’s house I don’t look like a mess.” She also uses it on wet hair and lets it air dry to prevent frizz.

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“Because it is very protein-infused, it doesn’t just sit on the outside of the hair, it goes into the follicles and your hair just looks thicker,” she added.

Claude added that the partnership was “a dream come true.” “Throughout our long partnership, Bobbi has taught me so much and the mentoring continues with the creation of the Universal Hair Balm. Without Bobbi’s guidance and support, this product would not have come to life.”

As for if there could be more products in the pipeline, Brown said: “The truth is like I said to Hervé either this is going to be the start of your own brand or this will be such a successful partnership that maybe we’ll launch other hair products. I have no idea which way, but either way is fine for me.”