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Carol’s Daughter Cooks Up First Television Broadcast Commercial

Television spot offers opportunity for founder to tell her personal story.

While many companies are shifting spending into social media, Carol’s Daughter is enhancing digital efforts with its first television commercial.

In a 30-second spot, which started airing in March, Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price showcases the history of the brand in the campaign called “Born in Brooklyn. Made with Love.” Price started Carol’s Daughter in her Brooklyn kitchen. L’Oréal acquired the company in 2014. The television commercials give Price the chance to share her story with millions.

“After being in business for nearly 24 years, telling my story is something I have done hundreds, if not thousands, of times. But, telling it in 30-, 15- and 10-second pieces and strategically placing those moments out into the world is a major moment for me and for the brand,” said Price, who is featured in the spots. “You don’t get here quickly. You don’t get here alone. The team of people that I have and have had around me through skill and passion helped bring this moment to life. I could not be more proud of this authentic and beautiful message.”

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TAG Creative developed the advertisement, which spotlights the diverse portfolio of the naturally made products from the Carol’s Daughter collections, including Black Vanilla, Hair Milk, Almond Milk and Sacred Tiare. Women of various ethnicities and hair types appear in the spot hammering home the multicultural positioning.

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Carol’s Daughter has used social media and print to share its message in previous efforts such as #bornandmade. That campaign included a series of videos from influencers discussing what makes them stand out. Customers were invited to share their own stories and create their own #bornandmade images using a widget that can be found at

“My mission has always been to inspire and empower women, and provide high-quality, accessible product solutions for every hair type. To have my story, which all started with handcrafted recipes in my kitchen, be shared with millions of people in their own homes is truly a dream come true,” Price said.

Carol’s Daughter is on a growth trajectory, gaining shelf space in doors such as Target. With expanding distribution and greater consumer awareness, Carol’s Daughter’s setting gel and mousse products racked up more than 200 percent sales gains for the most recent 12-week period tracked by IRI in drugstores.