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Clairol Kicks Off Color of Confidence Campaign

Clairol plans to ignite at-home hair-color sales with a reboot of Nice 'n Easy and a campaign to show it off.

As Clairol pumps effort into restoring the at-home hair color market, the Coty-owned brand is releasing a campaign in sync with the relaunch of Nice ‘n Easy. The tagline, Color of Confidence, dovetails with the easier-to-use reformulation of the 60-plus year-old logo.

Endemic to the new Nice ‘n Easy is removal of barriers to box hair colors including fear of damage, an irritating smell and messy formulas. The campaign illustrates the confidence a new hair shade can instill, told through a video with 100 women across all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities sharing feelings about themselves. Many expressed sentiments such as “I feel invisible,” or “as I get older, I feel unwanted.”

A fresh hair color has long been an emotional lift for women. That theory is road tested as the women try out the new Nice ‘n Easy lineup. Eighty-five percent noted they were more confident after coloring, 97 percent “checked themselves out” more, 81 percent indicated they felt beautiful and 70 percent said they felt ready for anything. Moreover, that buoyancy translated into professional lives with one participant discussing how she was motivated to ask for a raise. Seventy-seven percent voiced that they felt more confident at work and 65 percent said they built up the self-esteem to speak up in a meeting.

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“We were delighted with the response from the 100 women we worked with and product to learn that something as simple as coloring their hair made a difference in helping them be fearless,” stated Anna Vorrias, vice president global and U.S. marketing Clairol at Coty. She added that Clairol has a rich history of supporting women and the goal was to see how hair color can factor into boosting women’s confidence.

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 The at-home hair color segment has lagged, the victim of a dearth of innovation, aggressive pricing at salons and consumer disappointment with existing products. The new version of Nice ‘n Easy avoids some of the roadblocks and has also instilled confidence in the retail community with several expecting a sales lift in the 25 percent range from the updated brand. The recast lineup is available in the same 47 shades.