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Clairol Opens SoHo Pop-Experience Behind Relaunched Nice ‘n Easy

Coty hopes to bring life back to the at-home hair-color category with an enhanced experience from using its revived Nice 'n Easy brand.

Clairol previewed a pop-up experience in SoHo Thursday night to build buzz behind its reimagined Nice ‘n Easy hair-color brand. Designed to educate consumers about the enhancements to the six-decades-old brand, The Loft by Clairol, located at 579 Broadway, will be open from March 23 through April 1.

Influencers and media had the chance to smell and create their own fragrance combining the scents of the new formula — a pleasant change from the odorous at-home options in the past. Visitors left with a personalized box of Nice ‘n Easy bearing their photo and selected from Clairol’s MyShade app.

Other areas in The Loft highlighted the science behind the rebooted formula that aims to make at-home coloring more of a spa experience. “While other beauty treatments have come to be appreciated as healthy indulgences, hair color has been seen as maintenance grooming for far too long,” said Anna Vorrias, vice president Clairol Global and U.S. marketing.

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Vorrias was part of a panel discussion staged during the event about confidence and women empowerment featuring motivational influencer and poet Cleo Wade and Greer Morrison. Morrison is one of the women appearing in a video created to complement the rollout. Called “Color of Confidence,” Vorrias said it is being viewed by one million people per day.

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Nice 'n Easy Brings Pop-up Experience
Greer Morrison, Andrea Marino and Carmen Cooper at The Loft. Sasithon Pooviriyakul / Jenna Ba

“We found women were getting less confident as they aged and that’s not right,” explained Vorrias of the thought behind the video. Clairol brought 100 women together to discuss their self-esteem and then treated them to the experience of its new formula. Eighty-five percent noted they were more confident after coloring, 97 percent “checked themselves out” more, 81 percent indicated they felt beautiful and 70 percent said they felt ready for anything.

“We address women fears about coloring their hair,” Vorrias added about the reboot of Nice ‘n Easy. “After 120 years [of at-home color] there should not be fear.” The new Nice ‘n Easy promises healthier hair and a less messy consistency to aid with do-it-yourself hair coloring. The industry could use the lift. According to recent IRI 12-week sales for the period ended January 28 in chain stores, category sales were flat.

No product is sold at The Loft, but events during the 10 days include appearances by Clairol Color Ambassador Shirley Gordon, a group of influencers called the Fearless Femmes and James Corbett, Clairol’s color director.