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Claudia Schiffer Hair Care Line Arrives at Wal-Mart

The German supermodel's range of hair-care products with Schwarzkopf debuts in the U.S. in January.

Claudia Schiffer seems to pick partners with her homeland in mind. The German supermodel launched her own line of sunglasses for Munich-based Rodenstock last year, and in January, she’s unveiling a range of hair-care products with another German company, Henkel’s Schwarzkopf, exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Schiffer used Schwarzkopf as a child growing up in Germany.

“[We used] a product called Schauma Shampoo,” she said. “My mom always used it on all three of us. We would all sit in the bathtub and have our hair washed at the same time.”

The 74-stockkeeping-unit assortment, which launched in Europe at the beginning of 2014, is divided into three collections, styling, cleansing and color, or Styliste Ultîme, Essence Ultîme and Color Ultîme. Schiffer tried out all the products and made adjustments with the lab to find her ideal scent and performance.

“As a model you represent companies who promote products that you actually have nothing to do with,” said Schiffer. “It’s not a question of whether you like them or not because it’s a job. But this time I have a product where I’m actually so proud of it.”

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In terms of packaging, Schiffer chose each color to make sure it made a fashion statement. For instance, she didn’t want the pink to feel too commercial, although that’s not always avoidable.

“We will continue to evolve the brand and the product portfolio to meet the needs of our market and consumers,” said Dr. Daniel André Langer, senior vice president and general manager of Henkel Beauty North America, adding that the company is looking to expand its footprint in the U.S.

Langer wouldn’t talk financials, but industry sources estimate that the new line from Claudia Schiffer for Schwarzkopf, which is priced from $6.97 to $9.97, could do $23 million in its first year.