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Conair on Attack in Blow-dryer War

For Conair's newest blow-dryer, it’s all about the three Qs: quality, quick and quiet.

For Conair’s newest blow-dryer, it’s all about the three Qs: quality, quick and quiet.

“Today, the hair dryer over $25 is 30 percent of the category and that is pretty much where all the growth is coming from,” said Paulette Heller, vice president of marketing at Conair. “The challenge for us was to take all the benefits that we know [the consumer] loves about hair-dryer performance and deliver even more. If we look at the landscape today, we know that the hair dryer is the most frequently used hair appliance. It has the highest propensity to purchase.”

After seeing the success of its Infiniti, which was launched in 2006 and evolved into Infiniti Pro, Conair decided to create the next evolution of hair dryers with Infiniti Pro by Conair 3Q.

Standing for quick, quality and quiet, Conair executives claim the three Qs set this dryer apart.

The quality aspect provides ultrafast airflow to reduce drying time by up to 70 percent, which is designed to minimize the time hair is exposed to the damaging effects of heat styling, according to the company. The dryer also features ionic and titanium ceramic technology to provide infrared heat to gently dry hair.

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The second Q, standing for quick, is all about the motor’s performance. Similar to Conair Curl Secret’s proprietary technology that launched last year, this dryer uses a brushless motor allowing it to run more smoothly. Also, the dryer runs at 19,000 revolutions per minute, which executives claim is the fastest of any retail dryer.

According to the company, a traditional direct-current motor has about 175 hours of life. An alternating current motor features 400 to 500 hours and the brushless motor consists of around 5,000 hours.

“The 3Q motor doesn’t have any brushes,” said Vito Carlucci, director of engineering at Conair. “The outside part spins so it gets a lot more torque. What makes the motor spin is the electronics and magnets so you get a smoother operation.”

While the 3Q claims to be powerful, it is also said to be quiet. The tool features up to 40 percent less noise from its patent-pending noise reduction design, according to Carlucci. Conair developed a foam insulation that sits inside the dryer’s rear attachment piece and reduces the noise in the dryer.

With the new hair dryer, the company is hoping to target multiple consumer groups, including Millennials, Baby Boomers, moms and working professionals, Latinas and men.

“Typically, the hair-dryer user tends to be a little bit older, but with Infiniti Pro, we are reaching a younger user,” said Heller. To generate awareness for Infiniti Pro 3Q, Conair will launch the tool in the U.S. on HSN in mid-August. Also, a print campaign will appear in September consumer magazines and will follow with digital and social media and a television ad planned for the holiday.

Infiniti Pro 3Q, which is priced $119.99, is slated to hit stores in September and will launch in more than 15,000 U.S. doors, including Target, Ulta and Wal-Mart. The tool will also be sold in global markets, including Canada, Australia and Europe. Industry sources estimate 3Q could generate more than $12 million at retail in its first year in the U.S.