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Dove Hones in on Science for Intensive Repair Relaunch

The shampoo and conditioner range has new packaging and an influencer-backed marketing campaign.

Wellness-obsessed consumers are becoming increasingly attuned to the negative effects of environmental stressors and heat damage on hair — and Dove has taken note.

The Unilever-owned brand has implemented a marketing overhaul for its Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner, focusing on the science behind the products, which Dove says are formulated to prevent 90 percent of hair damage.

While the repackaged products began rolling out on shelves early this year, Dove kicked off its influencer campaign this month, enlisting Sydne Summer of Sydne Style, Jeannette Kaplun of Hispana Global and Cindy Oriega of Cindy Limon to blast the new science-focused campaign called #WashRepairRepeat to their followers.

Though nothing has changed in the existing formulation, Dove is looking to reintroduce the science behind the line at a time when consumers are eager to know what goes into their beauty products.

“We are…showing our consumers how Dove not only nourishes your hair, but protects it against heat, styling and everyday damage,” said Piyush Jain, vice president of hair care at Unilever in the U.S. “Many consumers aren’t aware of the science and innovation that goes into Dove’s hair-care line, but it was created utilizing research compiled over 60 years…[it has] a unique nutrient blend that stops 90 percent of hair damage before it happens…it’s something we want our consumers to be more aware of.”

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The nutrient blend Jain was referring to is the trio of proprietary technologies used to formulate the Intensive Repair line — Silicone Polymers, Keratin Repair Actives and Microsheet Structured Conditioners. Dove’s consumer-facing marketing emphasizes that these technologies work together to prevent future damage while repairing existing damage, along with smoothing and strengthening the hair.

A TV and digital campaign launched earlier this year and the influencer campaign will continue throughout the year.

Jain noted that the brand has repackaged its Nutritive Solutions shampoo and conditioner range in the U.S., which includes Color Care, Absolute Curls, Daily Moisture, Radiant Shine and Anti-Frizz Oil Therapy. Each formula has been given a color-coded cap.

“Women are dissatisfied with the hair category, and this is largely stemming from the problem of too many choices,” said Jain. “There is an overwhelming number of hair products and options and it can be difficult for women to understand which one is truly the best one for their hair. This has made women more discerning and inquisitive about products, and they’re now seeking more information about product formulations, ingredients [and] what is best for their hair type and texture.”