Rachel Zoe has a hand in all sectors of her business. Although, when Robin Moraetes, chief executive officer of DreamDry, mentioned that the salon will launch an app in January, Zoe claimed she had forgotten all about it.

“The app is going to mirror the experience in the salon on your iPhone,” said Moraetes, who added that, using the new digital component, clients could book appointments, store previously worn styles, capture before and after pictures and check their points through the company’s loyalty program.

Meanwhile, Zoe and Moraetes are focused on DreamDry’s first foray into products. The company is launching The Little Black Box, a gift set that includes an 80-mph blow-dryer, a chrome brush and a turban to quickly dry hair.

“As we go into the product space, it’s going to be some key items first,” said Zoe. “The blowdryer is the most important part of what we do in the salon, and everything revolves around it.”

Moraetes observed that the dryer is quieter and quicker than others on the market. “We found this technology that cuts the time in half of the dryer,” she said. “Now, when you walk into the salon, it’s a quieter buzz and a more luxurious experience.”

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The box set, which is a limited edition and priced at $295, is sold on dreamdry.com and in salons, but the company is looking to potentially launch them as separate items next year.

“We really wanted to sell this as a drying system, so the client can understand [the process] from beginning to end,” said Zoe.

In terms of adding more stockkeeping units to the line, Zoe thinks the logical thing is to spread out into all different areas, which includes expanding DreamDry’s footprint.

According to Moraetes, DreamDry has over 1,000 clients a week, and on Dec. 4, the salon will open in Chicago.

“The plan is to open more and more salons,” said Zoe. “We like to do it a bit more slowly because we’re so focused on the quality of the salon and treating the client in a certain manner.”

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