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Drybar Launching Dry on the Fly App

Drybar launches Dry on the Fly app, bringing its stylists to a consumer's home, hotel or office.

The crowded on-demand beauty market has redefined convenience. And Drybar is about to make the space even more competitive.

On July 13, Drybar’s Dry on the Fly service, which brings one of Drybar’s trained stylists right to the client’s door and has been part of the company’s business model since day one, is being integrated into the brand’s booking app. At launch, the service will only be offered in Manhattan, but there are plans to roll it out to other markets rather quickly.

“When we opened Drybar, there was always an option for women to book Dry on the Fly,” said Alli Webb, founder of Drybar. “We never put a lot of attention around it because we really felt women wanted to come into the shop for the experience. I still feel that way and women want to come in, but we’re launching [this] in New York because there is so much demand in the city for at-home services.”

For $75, tip included, a Drybar stylist can come to the consumer’s home, office or hotel either immediately or for a future appointment. Like Uber, clients pay right from their phone and can see where on a map a stylist is in proximity to their current location.

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“It’s another avenue of growth for our stylists,” added Webb. “We can’t open stores fast enough. We have eight right now in New York and we’re opening four more by the end of the year. We hear so much that our clients will call all our locations and can’t get in. But Dry on the Fly serves a purpose for when they can’t get an appointment.”