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Entrepreneurial Edge: Nancy Twine, Briogeo

The 29-year-old former Goldman Sachs exec. created Briogeo, a line for textured hair created by

Growing up, the only products that could tame Nancy Twine’s unruly curls were her grandmother’s homemade, all-natural concoctions. Those recipes became the basis for Briogeo, a line for textured hair created by the 29-year-old former Goldman Sachs exec. “I tried tons of different natural products, but the shampoos were dull and made your hair smell weird,” says Twine. “The stuff we made at home was incredible. I was baffled that other brands hadn’t gotten it right yet.” She quit her finance job, cashed in her savings and created four products that launched last fall at Fred Segal. In September, Sephora picked up the brand; Twine became the youngest African American brand creator to enter the specialty retailer. Twine says Briogeo’s appeal extends far beyond the multicultural market. “It’s more than just an ethnic market now—it’s becoming a texture market,” she says, adding that many of Briogeo’s consumers are Caucasians with curly hair. “Looking at the textured-hair community—curly, wavy, coarse—it’s a category that is rapidly growing and if you’re able to successfully capture that audience, that gives your brand a lot of value.”