ESalon is looking to shakeup another hair care category. The at-home salon-quality hair color service is launching The Match-Up, where clients receive monthly shipments of professional-grade hair-care and styling products addressing their specific hair needs.

“Most people struggle to find the right products for their hair,” said Francisco Gimenez, eSalon chief executive officer and cofounder. “With the Match-Up, eSalon continues to bring salon expertise directly to clients with the help of our proprietary algorithm and network of in-house stylists.” ESalon reduces guesswork on the client’s end by customizing each box to meet hair needs while spurring product experimentation of items they might not have otherwise tried.

The Match-Up has the ability to prescribe and tailor a personalized experience for each client. Each box is created based on a personalized hair survey and proprietary algorithm that factors in hair type, hair concerns, styling goals, product use habits and personal preferences. The service also incorporates client feedback and accounts for replenishment of past purchases. If a client already has a specific regimen in place, they can select their own mix of favorites to customize their box.

For $30 (plus shipping), the Match-Up includes a personally curated box of three full-sized products, special price offers, access to the recommendation engine personalized to their needs, contact with in-house stylists and flexible scheduling to adjust delivery dates and to skip or cancel at any time.

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Every bottle of eSalon hair color is made to order and individually blended based on a client’s hair profile and desired end result. In addition to the custom color, eSalon offers tools and hair-care productions to round out application, maintenance and care of hair color.

Speaking at an event last year, Gimenez said there are now more than 130,000 clients with average repurchase every six weeks. The company expects to produce more than 1.3 million applications in 2015.