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Framesi to Launch Hair Spa Concept

Framesi is hoping clients will go wild for its new hair spa concept, called Morphosis, which uses software to examine scalp and hair cuticles.

MILAN — A detoxifying scalp massage along with highlights? That’s the type of treatment Italian hair firm Framesi is hoping clients will go for when it rolls out a new hair spa concept, called Morphosis, in Italian salons for summer.

The 64-year-old firm, based in Milan, developed the idea for its Morphosis hair spas after it acquired a software technology that examines the hair cuticle and scalp with a micro camera. The images are then observed on a monitor and a hairstylist can diagnose specific hair and scalp problems and treat them with an accompanying lineup of products.

Fabio Franchina, president of Framesi, said the Morphosis hair spa and treatment line is expected to account for 20 percent of Framesi’s total revenues within five years. Last year, Framesi’s wholesale sales hit $81 million euros, or $119.2 million. Framesi plans to expand the Morphosis spa concept beyond Italy and into the European market later this year.

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“This is a very technical concept of treating hair problems that is also attached to a well-being aspect for the client,” said Franchina. “Clients are looking for more attention from the salon — not just a cut and color,” he added. “They want a more personalized service, which reflects the stressful times we live in.”

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Before developing the Morphosis Hair Spa concept, Framesi, which historically only produced professional hair color, branched out 18 months ago with a 24-item line that includes shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products divided into five lines, including for color-treated, antidandruff and thinning hair. Also called Morphosis, the line is linked to the spa concept, so clients can continue treatments at home. Formulations for the products boast natural ingredients sourced from different Italian regions.

Blueberry is the key ingredient in the thickening line, which the company claims reduces hair loss by 31 percent in a month. The products for color-treated hair include a coral extract.

Pomegranate, Sorrento lemons and blood oranges from Sicily are the active ingredients for other Morphosis products. The Morphosis line is distributed in 1,000 Italian hair salons.

“The Morphosis treatment and products will be suggested by the hairdresser in a very specific way: clients who have oily, colored hair will receive a different treatment to those with oily, natural hair, for example,” explained Franchina.

Morphosis hair products are slated to be launched in the U.S. in summer under a different moniker — Framesi Hair Treatment. Framesi is also looking to open its hair spa concept in the U.S. by the fall.

Framesi opened a preview Morphosis Hair Spa in conjunction with a salon in Salerno, near Naples last year. Franchina said the concept was well received by clients who have returned for follow-up treatments.

Morphosis hair spas are integrated into salons under the premise that stylists are trained by a trichologist to use Framesi’s micro camera and diagnosis techniques during a three-week period. Every treatment begins with a 30-minute scalp massage.

“The ideal way for a salon to present the idea is with a separate space for diagnosing the hair problems,” said Franchina. “Some salons are highlighting the well-being aspect of the hair spa with relaxing music that is played when the client receives a scalp massage.”