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French Hair Care Brand Lazartigue Enters U.S. Retail

Lazartigue estimates $3 million in total U.S. sales within the next year.

Professional French hair care brand Lazartigue is now available online at U.S. retailers Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus.

Founded in 1976 by hairstylist Jean-François Lazartigue — who created products centered on utilizing a high concentration of botanical extracts — the brand has repositioned itself to offer more “clean” and vegan formulas, free of sulfates, silicone and mineral oil.

Lazartigue introduced its new, reimagined line in France in October 2019 and in the U.S. in June 2020 via direct-to-consumer online. The packaging, too, has been revised, redesigned with recyclable bottles and jars made partly from recycled raw materials and using vegetable ink, a more sustainable option.

“We are very proud to launch the new Lazartigue in the U.S.,” said Lazartigue chief executive officer Didier Tabary in an exclusive statement. “We believe that the U.S. market has a great potential for Lazartigue and could represent 25 percent of our worldwide sales in two years.”

All formulas are made in France using a portion of naturally sourced ingredients. Products include shampoos; conditioners, which range in price between $27 and $34; a $39 hair oil; $67 hair serums; $54 hair masks, as well as a $26 at-home hair color kit. The brand estimates $3 million in total U.S. sales within the next year.

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Lazartigue CEO Didier Tabary
Lazartigue CEO Didier Tabary Courtesy/Augustin Detienne

It was in the Eighties that Lazartigue products began to be found in select hair salons in Beverly Hills, Calif., and New York. Today, the Pierre Michel Salon in Midtown East continues to carry the brand — which is no longer owned by HLD. In the U.S., Lazartigue now operates as a joint venture with TPG Capital, according to the brand.

Lazartigue, which is also found in China and Japan, expects to expand into South Korea and Canada next.