Gail Federici is adding a little wow to her latest advertising campaign.

Federici, the John Frieda alum who now is chief executive officer of Federici Brands LLC, has cast her twin daughters, Brit and Alex Smith, in a television campaign for the Color Wow brand that goes live on Nov.14.

The campaign, which will include two ads — one for shampoo and conditioner, a second for styling products — will be run in major markets, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

“The idea was to feature aspirational yet relatable images for products concerning color-treated hair,” said Federici. “Also, we wanted to move away from just long, shiny hair as a commercial — there is so much of it in hair-products advertising.”

It’s not the first time the twins have starred in a Federici-driven project; they also were featured in the first John Frieda Professional Hair Care commercial in 2001. In fact, most of the pros working on the latest ad also worked with Federici on that 2001 ad: hairstylist Sally Hershberger, director Dave Meyers and songwriter Tricky Stewart.

“I wanted to capture the exuberance of confidence that comes from feeling good about yourself, and set that performance in a bed of contemporary graphic setups that bring a musicality to the overall experience,” said Meyers. “Brit and Alex are right for this because they have that confidence, they’ve worn it well for years, and bring a value on several levels — family, relatability — not too untouchable, but still gorgeous.”

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“When Gail she told me that the name of the song was going to be ‘Wow’, I knew that it needed to sound like a good time,” said Stewart of the song he wrote for the styling products commercial. Stewart’s hits include Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” and Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

“Taking that energy of all the things that ‘Wow’ feels like, I just tried to make a song that made everyone want to move and have a good time.” Stewart co-wrote the song used in the shampoo commercial with the Smiths, who will sing the tune in the commercial.

“‘Wow’ can be a cheesy word, and I was worried about creating a jingle with that word, but knew Tricky could do it with authority,” said Federici, who noted that her daughters are very adventurous with their hair. In fact, Alex Smith went from blonde to red for the commercial.

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