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HairMax Introduces New Line to Accelerate Hair Growth

Consumers are experiencing thinning hair at an earlier age, according to HairMax executives. A new collection was formulated to halt the process.

The hair growth industry is booming, topping $3.5 billion. Myriad reasons account for why more men and women are losing their tresses earlier than in past years.

Ashlee Halbe, vice president of strategic development at HairMax, ticked off stress, hormones, exposure to free radicals from pollution aging and diet as culprits causing men and women to face thinning hair.

HairMax was a pioneer in using lasers to promote growth. Now the brand is rolling out a line of hair care that can be used on its own or teamed with the brand’s lasers. Called Density, the system was designed to target the scalp with 10 active ingredients to nourish hair from root to tip.

“The newly formulated HairMax for Density hair-care line expands the HairMax brand into a new category of hair care,” said David Michaels, HairMax cofounder and managing director.

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Halbe borrowed from her experience with skin care to help formulate the line. “I come from 25 years in the skin-care world and our lead chemist comes from 40 years in the hair-care development world. We came together and said how can we bring some of the innovative technology of skin care into hair care,” she said. “We took all the active ingredients that have been proven scientifically to be effective in hair growth and took them a step further and created a targeted delivery system.”

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A proprietary NRG8-pLEX blend and ingredients including adenosine ATP, apple stem cell, reishi mushroom, caffeine, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and a custom zinc and amino complex are tapped to guard against thinning hair. The delivery system also uses liposome technology to get active ingredient into the scalp and hair follicles to protect hair against biological aging and environmental stress.

The system includes HairMax. Stimul8 Shampoo and Exhilar8 Conditioner, HairMax Acceler8 Hair Booster + Nutrients and HairMax RSN8 Pro Scalp Treatment.

Moreover, the line is linked up to HairMax devices. The Acceler8 Hair Booster +Nutrients has Acceler8, a light activated ingredient. “When you apply the serum to the scalp and apply the device, it acts like a fuel jet to all the actives, bringing them even deeper into the skin,” Halbe said. The line also features a signature fragrance to improve the experience. The lineup is sold direct to consumer and will be in physical stores including specialty and select mass merchants. Prices range from $24 to $50. More liquid items are in the works. As far as devices, HairMax just launched a new model and a laser cap.

With hair growth and strength dominating hair care, several device companies are branching into the liquid portion of the market. Aquis, the turban brand, expanded into a full hair care system called Aquis Prime and last week the tool brand Beachwaver added styling products with plans to expand to more than 30 items.