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Hot Tools Launches First Mass-Market Collection

Walmart will launch Hot Tools' Signature Series this month, followed by distribution on

Hot Tools, a go-to brand for stylists for 27 years, is rolling out to the mass market. Walmart will launch Hot Tools’ Signature Series on Oct. 27, followed by the debut of the six-piece collection on next month. Target will add the Signature Series in stores in January.

The Signature Series is built on the core technologies of Hot Tools’ professional tools but tweaked for consumer use — such as sporting a shorter power cord. The adaptations allow for lower price points — Signature Series opens at $39.99 versus the professional entry point of Hot Tools’ Gold at $49.99 — while maintaining a range for professional distribution.

Like many beauty trends today, social media nudged the company to broaden into the mass market. “The line between retail and professional has continued to blur and consumers are becoming more educated on styling tools,” said Joann Parker, company vice president of marketing, beauty, on exposure to behind-the-scenes tips and tricks on social media. “Retailers have been watching this category grow and came to us and said, we want these tools.”

The category of styling tools is growing faster than overall hair-care items, according to Nielsen data. Retailers indicated they’ve seen a willingness by consumers to trade up beyond the traditional $20 and under mass price points.

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The Signature Series includes Gold Curling Irons in three-quarter-inch to one-and-a-half-inch sizes; a flat iron with ceramic plates featuring the company’s Pulse Technology for even and consistent curls, and a hair dryer designed to dry hair 40 percent faster than a competitive mass brand, the company said.

Hot Tools will also launch a digital campaign including an influencer program. There will be special displays at retail to introduce the collection.