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Hush Unveils DIY Hair Color

Exclusive to Sephora and QVC, the new brand offers instant hair-color products.

Hush wants to bring the instant gratification of makeup to hair care.

A proprietary brand by Mana, a private label manufacturer behind many skin-care, hair-care and makeup brands, Hush takes the manufacturer’s knowledge and technology in color cosmetics and translates it to hair with two instant hair-color products: Prism Airbrush Spray and Fill Seeker Hair Filling Fibers.

“We wanted to carve a space in the hair-care market of instant needs being met first starting with color,” said Ana Maria Gallegos, beauty marketing director at Mana. The Mana team said they saw a white space in the hair-care market for instant hair color, especially in colorful and unconventional hues, and wanted to give their customers that instant gratification and transformation they could share on social media.

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Both coming in a spray bottle, the products are meant to instantly apply a layer of color to the hair. Prism, which comes in pink, purple, teal, blue, red, silver and yellow, is said to give the hair a temporary, high pigment and shine. Fill Seeker, available in light brown, medium brown, dark brown, black and gray, is meant to plump the hair.

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“Mana is known for making products for some of the world’s biggest beauty brands,” said Emma Froelich-Shea, general manager for Mana Brands. “This gives us a unique insight into what people want, but are unable to find on the shelves. We know that DIY dominates today’s beauty landscape and that consumers are looking for ‘Insta-worthy’ ways to express themselves.”

Hush has also enlisted celebrity hair stylist Michael Silva to serve as the first brand ambassador. His role includes educating customers on how to use the DIY hair colors themselves.

While Mana manufactures products for many beauty companies, it also owns other proprietary brands including Make Beauty, Black Opal, EverPro and Style Edit.

“One of the things we focus on is being unconventional,” said Victoria Colangelo, senior vice president of product development at Mana. “We look at what the consumer is needing and maybe products she isn’t thinking about right now.”

Hush is available now at all Sephora doors, and QVC for $24 to $34.