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Influence Peddler: Sincerely Jules Teams With Scünci on Hair Accessories Collection for Target

Scrunchies, headbands and barrettes were inspired by the superinfluencer's California cool aesthetic.

Superinfluencer Julie Sariñana is making her longtime affinity for hair accessories official.

The fashion and lifestyle blogger behind Sincerely Jules has teamed with Scünci on a collaboration that consists of 50-plus hair accessories, including scrunchies, headbands, clips and barrettes. Inspired by Sariñana’s bohemian-influenced California cool aesthetic, the products are set to launch on Oct. 14 exclusively at all U.S. Target doors and

Priced from $4 to $10, Sariñana’s collection of velvet headbands, faux-leather scrunchies and rhinestone-studded hair clips is her first official venture into the beauty space. It’s not her first design experience — her Sincerely Jules clothing line is sold on Revolve and other retailers — but the partnership with Conair-owned Scünci does hold special meaning for the Los Angeles-based influencer, who counts five million followers on Instagram.

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“When I met with Scünci, I told them I grew up not having a lot of money, so my mom would make hair accessories for me and my sisters so we’d stand out at school,” Sariñana told WWD during a phone interview from her home in L.A. “She’d go to the nearby fabric store and buy ribbons and craft glue and make me headbands and hair bows…my parents couldn’t buy us the latest shoes and clothes growing up, so she tried to do what she could by giving us something the other kids at school wouldn’t have. This brought me back to that memory with my mom.”

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Sariñana’s jet-setting lifestyle and the designer outfits she showcases on Instagram — she just returned from Paris Fashion Week, where she attended the Dior show — are a far cry from her humble beginnings. Here, she talks to WWD about connecting with her followers, standing out in a sea of influencers and how to style a scrunchie.

WWD: What was your role in the design process while working on Sincerely Jules for Scünci?

Julie Sariñana: I worked really closely with the design team. My style is very versatile and a bit effortless and I wanted to translate that into the collection. We pulled inspiration [from my Instagram] and created accessories that we felt mimicked my style, for anything from going to the gym to a meeting, to the beach to a hot date — we wanted a collection for every occasion. It was important for me to pay attention to what my readers like the most — I paid attention to feedback from my followers and photos they really liked, just the engagements that certain photos had. We really took that into account.

WWD: How do you plan on promoting the collaboration? 

J.S.: It’s going to be very organic within how I do my normal [content], with putting a focus on how to wear the collection — highlighting key pieces that really resonate with me and my personal style. The faux-leather floral scrunchie with fringe, the barrettes with glitter — I’m all over them. It’s all very easy and wearable, and the best way to market them is very easy hair tutorials, maybe three to five posts a week. It depends — I don’t want to shove [the collection] in their faces because that’s not my aesthetic.

WWD: Did designing this collection make you want to delve deeper into the beauty space — maybe with another beauty collaboration?

J.S.: Definitely. I get a lot of DMs when I wear my hair wavy, asking how I get my hair like that. I love makeup and hair and I think it can be an extension of what I’m already doing, and partnering with someone who gets that is key.

WWD: What have you learned about design from doing your own fashion label?

J.S.: It’s paying attention to what [followers] tell you and incorporating it. Like, “you know, this didn’t work this time, we’re hearing the sizing didn’t fit so let’s alter it and make it better.” I’m always trying to find new ways to improve and listen to what they have to say, because at the end of the day followers are the ones who are buying it and if you don’t listen to them, you are missing out on a big portion of your business.

WWD: What kind of content do your followers like to see from you?

J.S.: I’m very hands-on creatively and I’m such a perfectionist — I try to put out original content because there’s so many of us doing the same thing. My followers love detail shots and flat lays. Mixing those in with fashion sets me apart.

Even more so, not always posting from like, the Eiffel Tower. People like relatable things that they can look at — not everyone can go to Paris and stand in front of the Eiffel Tower. Yeah, it’s beautiful, but people can’t relate to that. When you post something that’s a little more grounded, like, “Oh, I’m just in bed or in front of a wall,” that gets more engagement because they’re like, “Oh, I can do that, too.” Mixing in a beautiful destination like Bali or Paris with amazing scenery is important, but staying true to what blogging started as, which was just street-style photography — keeping that element is [important, too].