As the owner of one of the most copied hairstyles of the Nineties, Jennifer Aniston’s no stranger to having her hair open for discussion — so she took the opportunity to discuss it herself at WWD’s Beauty CEO Summit.

But she’s not just the owner of a famous haircut — Aniston bought into Boston-based hair-care brand Living Proof in 2012.

“Who doesn’t want to have equity, especially at a company that is in its beginning stages?” said a Dior- and Louboutin-clad Aniston, who said she was eager to be a partner, rather than a face, of a brand.

Aniston, who helps to oversee hair-care brand development, creative marketing direction and product ideas for the hair products when she isn’t hard at work at the day job — acting — admits she “geeked out” in the research and development labs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where the brand was born.

“It’s fun to be involved creatively from concept to execution, sharing my ideas. After spending 25-plus years in makeup and hair, you learn what works and what doesn’t work, what damages your hair — what you have to mix five products together to achieve. And [in my Living Proof] role I have all these men in white lab coats where I can throw out ideas.”

She does get a good giggle at being regarded as a hair icon, noting she hated her hair growing up — according to her, all attempts at styling were difficult due to her hair’s texture. “I always had problem hair,” she said.

And no, the “Rachel” cut isn’t her favorite (in fact, she’s famously said she couldn’t stand the cut that her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillen allegedly created while stoned). That honor belongs to the beachy-tousled, shoulder-length look she sported in 2004’s “Along Came Polly.”

Aniston’s fame has greatly benefited Living Proof, said Jill Beraud, the company’s chief executive officer. “Our biggest challenge when I joined the company was how to make it better-known,” she said. “Obviously, with Jennifer’s iconic status, she put a spotlight on the brand. And we didn’t just want a spokesperson. What we love about Jen is that she’s so entrepreneurial and she’s a great collaborator. She has amazing product ideas and suggestions about marketing and package design.”

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