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Keeps Offers Simplified Hair-Loss Prevention

Founded by two former Google employees, the brand is backed by executives from Net-a-porter, Birchbox and Maveron.

Keeps wants to take away the stigma of hair loss.

Founded by two former Google employees, Steven Gutentag and Demetri Karagas, Keeps is looking to help prevent hair loss for men, especially men in their 20s and 30s. Launching today, the brand offers two FDA-approved treatments directly to users’ doorsteps.

“There are those late-night commercials about transplants or products like everything from a laser helmet to gummy vitamins and shampoos all claiming they cure hair loss and typically it’s targeted to an older guy in their 40s or 50s,” said Gutentag. “We saw there isn’t anyone that is speaking to this market of guys that start losing their hair in their 20s or 30s, so we want to be the solution to this problem.”

Experiencing hair loss in his 20s, Gutentag was frustrated with the price of his treatments and needing assistance when buying from locked product cases at drugstores. This negative experience led him to team up with his former New York University classmate Karagas to create a simpler way for men to get their hair-loss treatments.

The brand offers two FDA-approved treatments: Minoxidil, a $10 topical treatment, and Finasteride, a $25 oral 30-day tablet. On the brand’s web site, customers are asked to submit pictures of their scalp and answer a few questions about their hair. Then a licensed doctor reviews their submission and gives them a recommended treatment plan. The customers can order the treatments directly from the brand’s web site to be sent to their door.

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Keeps is targeting younger men to stress the importance of preventing hair loss at an early age rather than trying to cure it later in life. The brand chose a direct-to-consumer model so men can avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of buying treatments in-store.

“There is a much bigger audience in men who are losing their hair and aren’t using products and probably don’t know what to do,” Gutentag continued. “We want to give them an affordable solution and be that straightforward solution to this problem.”

The brand has also received backing from executives from Net-a-porter, Birchbox and Maveron, among others.

“We love Keeps for the intelligence and track record of the founding team and for their overall approach to addressing hair-loss prevention and treatment,” said Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-porter and chairman of the British Fashion Council, whose venture capital firm, Imaginary Ventures, invested in the brand. “When Imaginary invests in a direct-to-consumer business, we back founders who have their consumers’ needs at the heart of their business and constantly improve on the status quo. It’s fair to say that there is room to re-think education and treatment in the hair-loss space.”

While the brand’s hair-loss treatments are only FDA-approved for men, Keeps plans to launch products later on that treat related problems for men and women. The brand isn’t forecasting estimated sales for its launch.